Marvel vs Dc movies, I Bet Choosing the Best is Difficult!

Hey guys! Marvel and DC both movies are very popular to youths and today we are giving you some interesting poll questions. Each question has 2 options, you have to choose one among the two.

Then let’s start it without wasting much time.


  • Question of

    1. Hey! Both the characters are from different Comics but both Superheroes are my favorite. Tell me what’s yours?

    • Batman, Superhero, Marvel, Dc movies, Poll
      A) Batman
    • Captain America, Superhero, Poll
      B) Captain America
  • Question of

    2. This is a very tricky question. If you are stuck in a building then whom do you ask for help?

    • Hulk, Poll, Superhero, Marvels, DC Movies
      A) Hulk
    • Spiderman, Superhero, Poll
      B) Spiderman
  • Question of

    3. Suppose one day you will get a chance to meet Dr. Strange and he offer you the time stone he has, then what things you do with it ?

    • warns whole world about coronavirus, Superheroes, Poll
      A) Go back in time and warns whole world about coronavirus
    • Go back in your childhood days, Superheroes, Poll
      B) Go back in your childhood days and met your younger version
  • Question of

    4. In Avengers Endgame movie captain America lifted the hammer of Thor , So in my opinion they both have same power ! Do you agree with me or not show me your opinion

    • Yes, Super Hero Poll
      A) Yes
    • No, Superhero, Poll
      B) No
  • Question of

    5. Both superheroes are popular among the youngsters, lets assume one day they formed different opinion about something and they started to fight with each other ,So in that case who will win that fight ? Lets vote and see

    • Batman, Superhero, Poll
      A) Batman
    • Superman, Superhero, Poll
      B) Superman
  • Question of

    6. “GOTHAM CITY” are you familiar with this name ! yes it is the hometown of both batman and joker, So what do you think is it a fictional city or a real city situated in USA.

    • Yes ! it is fictional, Superhero, Gotham City, Poll
      A) Yes ! it is fictional
    • No! it’s real, Superheroes, Poll
      B) No! it’s real
  • Question of

    7. If you have the opportunity to be a part of the Marvel Universe. Which character would you like to play?

    • Spiderman, Superheroes, Poll
      A) Spiderman
    • Captain America, Superhero, Poll
      B) Captain America
  • Question of

    8. Who is the richest among these two superheroes? What do you think?

    • Bruce wayne, Superhero, Poll
      A) Bruce wayne
    • Tony Stark, Poll, Superhero
      B) Tony Stark
  • Question of

    9. This city is situated in Africa. This is the hometown of black Panther. Choose the right one.

    • Wakanda, Superhero, Poll
      A) Wakanda
    • Sudan, Superhero, Poll
      B) Sudan
  • Question of

    10. If you have the power of Spiderman in real life. How do you use it in your real life?

    • Jump from one building to another, Spiderman, Superhero, Poll
      A) Jump from one building to another building
    • Kiss your gf like Spiderman, Poll
      B) Kiss your gf like Spiderman

What do you think?

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