Animals Are Part of Our Lives, How Much Do You Know About Them?

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This Animals quiz is to check your knowledge and improve your awareness about them. In our busy lives, we give very little attention to our surroundings and environment but it will be good to know these things so that you can educate someone else in the future. Let’s get started…

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    1. What’s the name of the tallest and heaviest Penguin species?

    name of the tallest and heaviest Penguin species
    • a) King Penguin
    • b) Emperor Penguin
    • c) King of Iceland
    • d) Giant Penguin
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    2. Which type of breed of Dogs cannot bark?

    Dog Breeds that Cannot Bark
    • a) Basenji
    • b) Siberian Husky
    • c) Pomerian
    • d) Golden Retriever
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    3. A group of Lions is called?

    Lions quiz, Group of lions
    • a) Herd
    • b) Streak
    • c) Pride
    • d) Leap
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    4. What is the maximum speed of an Elephant?

    Maximum speed of an Elephant
    • a) 5 km/hr
    • b) 14 km/hr
    • c) 24 km/hr
    • d) 2km/hr
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    5. Which animal stick with the same partner life long?

    Animal stick with the same partner
    • a) Geese
    • b) Rats
    • c) Deer
    • d) Mangoose
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    6. What was the first animal domesticated by humans?

    First animal domesticated by humans
    • a) Dog
    • b) Cat
    • c) Goat
    • d) Camel
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    7. On average, how long does domestic cats live?

    Domestic cats lifespan
    • a) 7 Years
    • b) 11 Years
    • c) 16 Years
    • d) 19 Years
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    8. When did first Dinosaurs fossils discovered?

    When did first Dinosaurs fossils discovered
    • a) 1701
    • b) 1830
    • c) 1819
    • d) 1927
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    9. Guess how long can a Snail sleep?

    Guess how long can a Snail sleep
    • a) 3 years
    • b) 1 month
    • c) 10 days
    • d) 12 hours
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    10. How much stronger is the sense of Dogs compared to Humans?

    Sense of Dogs compared to Humans
    • a) 10 times
    • b) 100 times
    • c) 1000 times
    • d) 10000 times

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