Daily Current Affairs Quiz (12th June 2020)

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Today's Current Affairs Quiz

We Cover Daily Current Affairs in the form of questions and answers (Quiz) that helps students to clear competitive exams. Today (12th June 2020) we have covered the Important News, Happenings, and Events around the world into a question format. Let’s start today’s Quiz!

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    1. The Supreme Court of India has said that reservation of seats provided to certain communities is not a ______

    • Right
    • Fundamental Right
    • Human Right
    • Healthy Competition
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    2. Recently, the first population estimation exercise of the Indian Gaur (Bison) was carried out in

    • Nilgiris Forest Division, Tamil Nadu
    • Nilgiris Forest Division, Karnataka
    • Nilgiris Forest Division, Kerala
    • Nilgiris Forest Division, Andhra Pradesh
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    3. Recently, the water in the Lonar lake in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra was found to be turning _____ over the past few days.

    • Bluish
    • Yellowish
    • Reddish
    • Whitish
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    4. Name the flood warning system launched in Mumbai ?

    • IFLOWS-Mumbai
    • INFLOWS-Mumbai
    • INTERFLOWS-Mumbai
    • INTRUPT-Mumbai
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    5. Name the 5th and final ship in the series of Fast Patrol Vessels (FPV) for the Indian Coast Guard delivered by GRSE?

    • Kanaklata Barua
    • Annie Besant
    • Priyadarshini
    • Airavat
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    6. Who is the chairman of welfare of freedom fighters committee?

    • D.B. Shakatkar
    • Rajesh Bhushan
    • Sanjiv Puri
    • G. Kishan Reddy
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    7. June 12th is observed as World Day against?

    • Tobacco
    • Child Labour
    • Corruption
    • Child Marriage
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    8. Who received the prestigious World Food Prize 2020?

    • Dr. Johan Bouma
    • Dr. Rattan Lal
    • Dr. I. Sekar
    • No One
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    9. Who led the formation of a committee to examine the feasibility of using hotels as COVID-19 hospitals?

    • Delhi HC
    • ICMR
    • Centre Govt
    • Supreme Court
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    10. What is the growth rate of the Indian economy predicted by Fitch’s rating for the year 2021-2022?

    • 9.5%
    • 5%
    • 7.5%
    • 8%