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How much do you know about your Geography? We have learned about world geography during our school days. Are you as smart as you used to be? This quiz is going to take you back and let’s see how much you remember. No googling.

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    1. Pho and banh mi are dishes from which country?

    Pho and banh mi dish, Vietnam, Food Quiz
    • a) Vietnam
    • b) China
    • c) Indonesia
    • d) Italy
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    2. What is the world’s largest Island?

    world’s largest Island, Greenland, Gk Quiz
    • a) Greenland
    • b) Australia
    • c) Antartica
    • d) Bishop Rock
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    3. ‘Aloha’ is a friendly greeting used on which islands are found in the Pacific Ocean?

    Aloha, friendly greeting, General Knowledge Quiz
    • a) Kingman reef
    • b) Hawaii
    • c) Fiji
    • d) Costa Rica
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    4. After the Nile and Amazon, what is the third longest river in the world?

    Third longest river in the world, Yangtze River, Quiz
    • a) Mississippi River
    • b) Indus River
    • c) Yangtze River
    • d) Kaveri River
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    5. Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

    longest coastline in the world, Quiz, GK
    • a) Russia
    • b) Canada
    • c) India
    • d) Pakistan
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    6. Which ocean has Bermuda Triangle?

    Bermuda Triangle, General Knowledge, Quiz
    • a) Atlantic Ocean
    • b) Pacific Ocean
    • c) Indian Ocean
    • d) Artic Ocean
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    7. The Grand Canyon is located in which US state?

    Grand Canyon, Top 10 Tourist Attractions in USA, Top 10 Places to Visit in USA
    • a) Arizona
    • b) Texas
    • c) Colorado
    • d) New Jersey
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    8. World’s largest river island?

    World’s largest river island, GK Quiz
    • a) Majuli
    • b) New Guinea
    • c) Ilha do Bananal
    • d) Kanhala
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    9. What is the smallest country in the world?

    Smallest country in the world, Vatican City, Gk, Quiz
    • a) Monaco
    • b) Vatican City
    • c) Sri Lanka
    • d) Maldives
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    10. What country is the newest in the world to be recognized by the UN?

    Newest country in the world, Recognized by UN, Quiz, GK
    • a) Seychelles
    • b) South Sudan
    • c) El Salvador
    • d) Kosovo

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