Gk Quiz on Important Days For Students

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Quiz on Important Days

Nowadays remembering the Important days in the world became very difficult due to many in number but still, students should know for writing competitive exams so here are some of the Gk Quiz questions on Important Days for Students, take this challenge and enhance your knowledge, Let’s start!

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    1. We all live on it, we walk on it, we sleep on it, we do everything on it and we dedicate every year on April 22nd, Guess the day

    • National Solidarity Day
    • World Earth Day
    • World Environment Day
    • National Farmers Day
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    2. Without this no living beings can live on this planet, people take this in varieties, What is the day I am talking about it is held on 16th October

    • World Water Day
    • World Post Office Day
    • World Food Day
    • World Vegetarian Day
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    3. This is the carrier helps only humans, today the usage is reduced but still exist, the day we remember on 10th October, Identify the day

    • World Post Office Day
    • Air Force Day
    • National Safety Day
    • World Tourism Day
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    4. This day we give respect for someone who plays very important role in our life, and we dedicated the day on 5th October, What day it is?

    • Teachers’ Day in India
    • World Teacher’s Day
    • World Philosophy Day
    • World Senior Citizen’s Day
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    5. From ancient times it took into various forms and today it is converting more digital and a day is dedicated on 23rd April, Which day it is related?

    • World Newspaper Day
    • World Skill Day
    • World Book and Copyright Day
    • World No-Tobacco Day
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    6. National Maritime Day in India observed every year, which is the exact day it is observed?

    • 5th April
    • 15th April
    • 17th April
    • 23rd April
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    7. This day is loved by creative people and it is held on 28th October, Which day it would be?

    • world skills day
    • World Art Day
    • International Cartoons Day
    • International Animation Day
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    8. Why do we celebrate World Anti-Suicide Day?

    • To Create Awareness
    • To Commemorate
    • To Census Suicide Rate
    • To Stop Deaths on the Day
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    9. This day is not only for old people, it is necessary for all due to busy life. It comes on January 10th, can you identify what it is?

    • World Yoga Day
    • World Health Day
    • World Laughter Day
    • World Rest Day
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    10. 3rd March is a day dedicated to a day that is not specially focused but still it happens, what’s the day?

    • World Peace Day
    • World Sleep Day
    • World lovers Day
    • World Dance Day

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