Let’s Play Cricket Today: It Will Be Great

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Cricket has a huge fanbase not only in INDIA but also in the whole Sub Continent, which makes it the world’s second most popular sport after Soccer. So, in today’s poll, you are able to analyze your cricketing brain. So, try to Ans the poll below and sharpen your Cricket knowledge.  

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    1. Cricket is the national sport of England but here is a fun fact that it’s not the most popular. Can you guess the most popular game of England?

    Most popular game of England, Cricket Quiz, Trending
    • a) Rugby
    • b) Football
    • c) Throw Ball
    • d) Basket Ball
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    2. In 1 ball how many runs you can make? maximum 6 runs (consider it’s a fair delivery) but in the 1800’s there was a cricket match where two batsmen managed to take 286 runs just in 1 delivery. Now you have to guess the place where the match has been played.

    Which country scored 286 runs just in 1 delivery, Cricket Quiz
    • a) Australia
    • b) England
    • c) India
    • d) Srilanka
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    3. He is a West Indian All-rounder cricketer and he is the heaviest cricketer in cricket history. The fact is that for his heavy weight, he cannot able to qualify yo-yo test that’s why he is not in any IPL team. Name is RAHKEEM CORNWALL. Can you guess his weight?

    West Indies heaviest cricketer, Cricket Quiz
    • a) 150 Kg
    • b) 140 Kg
    • c) 130 Kg
    • d) 120 Kg
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    4. We all know about the player who scores a century or gets the highest runs in a series but do you know that there is a unique world record of getting out in ducks (0’s) for the most time, holding by a Sri Lankan player do you know his name?

    Who scored World Record 0's in Cricket, Cricket Quiz
    • a) Mahela Jayawardene
    • b) Sanath Jayasuriya
    • c) Angelo Mathews
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    5. In 2019’s cricket world cup Rohit Sharma breaks the record of the most century in a single world cup. Do you know who was holding the record before him?

    Before Rohit Sharma who has the record scoring most centuries, Quiz, Cricket
    • a) Ricky Ponting
    • b) Virat Kohli
    • c) Kumar Sangakkara
    • d) Ben Stokes
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    6. Imagine a situation where only 1 run is required in the last ball and 1 wicket is remaining. The bowler bowled a wide ball and the batsman got out. Then which team will win the match.

    Which team wins, Cricket Quiz
    • a) Batting team won
    • b) Match ended in a draw
    • c) Batting team gets additional one more ball
    • d) Bowling team wins
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    7. Eoin Morgan is the current England captain but he is also played for another country in his young age. let’s try and find the Ans and vote for it.

    Eoin Morgan Current England captain played as captain for another country identify, Cricket Quiz
    • a) Australia
    • b) South Africa
    • c) West Indies
    • d) Ireland
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    8. There is an interesting rule in cricket that a batsman can dismissed only for ________ time in no ball? Do you know the right number? You can google it.

    Batsman can be dismissed in how many times, Cricket Quiz
    • a) 1
    • b) 2
    • c) 3
    • d) 4
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    9. A batsman is given out LBW on the field, but he reviews and, in the meantime, the ball has gone into the boundary. The tv umpire dismissed the lbw and spot an inside edge then what next.

    Inside edge LBW, Cricket Quiz
    • a) 4 runs for batsman
    • b) Treated as a dot ball
    • c) consider as a dead ball
    • d) None of the above
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    10. Which World Cup did India play for the first time with its famous light blue jersey??

    Which was the first world cup played with Lite blue jersey, Indian Team, Cricket Quiz
    • 1983
    • 1996
    • 2003
    • 2007

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