Solar Eclipse Timing in India – (21st June 2020)

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Solar Eclipse Timing in India

On June 21, India will witness the year’s first solar eclipse. This will be an annual solar eclipse where the moon will cover the sun and we can notice the ring of fire. The solar eclipse is when the moon covers the sun’s light which makes the light not reaching the earth’s surface. The 21st June solar eclipse follows the lunar eclipse which happened on the 5th of June.

The annular solar eclipse happening on 21st June is visible in the regions of Asia, Africa, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and parts of Europe and Australia. In India, the eclipse begins from 09:15 IST and will go until 15:05 IST with the maximum eclipse time is at 12:10 IST according to the timeanddate website.

There are 3 types of Solar Eclipses this includes Total, Annular and Partial where Total Solar Eclipse is where the moon fully blocks the sun and people on earth would be unable to witness the light, Annular eclipse is where the moon covers the sun but the ring of fire will be visible and partial solar eclipse is when the moon partially covers the sun.

There are 2 solar eclipses for this year, apart from June 21 solar eclipse the next one will be December 14th which would be Total Solar eclipse and it will be visible from South America, Pacific, Atlantic, and parts of the Indian Ocean, Antarctica, and Africa.

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