Sophia AI Robot First Robot Citizenship

Sophia AI Robot – The Time has come where Technology is replacing the humans and making the people jobless, instead of ten people now one person can complete his work by using robotic Technology.

Introduction to Sophia AI Robot

Hanson Robotics one of the Hong Kong-based company created Sophia the Humanoid Robot, she is the First female Robot in the world got Citizenship from Saudi Arabia to live a normal life just like humans and she has the talent of reacting with almost 62 facial expressions.

It took a long period of time for this great invention to take place by adding more features and making the Sophia understand how the human nature is, and feeding lot of information to the brain, now she is capable of talking, reacting, understanding and even capable of taking decisions.

On April 19th, 2015 was the day when Sophia was activated and brought her to the public appearance in Southwest festival which was held on mid of March 2016 in Texas, USA. In October 2017 Sophia considered the first Arabian citizen of the country.

History of Sophia Robot

Sophia was created by Hanson Robotics with the collaboration of AI Developers along with Alphabet Inc the parent company of Google built her brain strong powers with voice recognition and SingularityNET.

She was developed in such a way that she looks like an actress Audrey Hepburn and looking like a real female human. David Hanson manufacturer of Sophia says she uses artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and visual data processing.

The voice recognition developed by Google Alphabet Inc and Intelligence software developed by SingularityNET which combined makes her give smart answers.

Hanson Robotics has not stopped by creating Sophia she has 7 siblings named Alice, Albert Einstein Hubo, Bina48, Han, Jules, Professor Einstein, Philip K. Dick Android, Zeno, and Joey Chaotic.

Hanson robot BINA48 recently in December 2017 completed a college course on love and philosophy taught by Professor William J. Barry at Notre Dame de Namur University.

An Interview was taken while the inauguration of Sophia all the people around the world were raising their eyebrows and stunned by the reactions and reply she gave, Saudi’s were taking videos and photos of her and she invited herself to be invested.

A video of inauguration has been showcased below, please have a look at it once.

Features of Sophia Robot

* Her eyes are build up with sophisticated algorithms which helps to see, recognize and have good eye contact.

* Sophia is similar to ELIZA Programming like a chatbot with predefined responses for the specific question but at an advanced level.

* Even though it can speak it is still a robot so some errors may occur but can solve the many complex problems, can be used in all the service industries like housekeeping, nursing, education, receptionist, customer support, etc.

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At last, she is being interviewed by many people scientists, news readers from big channels, attending different parts of the world for the events and replying to humans like a normal human being but there is a fear in everybody that one day the Robots can dominate in future with the humans, for the same even Sophia replied for the question asked by the interviewer does the Robots take over the place of human

She gave reply with an example “you watch more Hollywood movies I guess”, you can see the video to get more details about how she was memorizing the world with her words.

In the future, anything can happen because humans will not sit quite mainly scientists they will be kept on experimenting the things.

Till now we were not having Sofia kind of Robot but now we have so everything can be possible as the time passes but only the thing is it should not happen like movies where humans are destroyed by the Robots.



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