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Speeding Vehicle Barely Misses a Pedestrian in Kerala

A man who was walking on the road in Kerala had a narrow escape from a speeding vehicle. This scary video has collected several reactions on twitter.

The video is 22 second long and has been posted and shared by twitter user @nisarpari on 22nd of August where we can see a man dressed in white shirt and black mundu was walking on the road and suddenly a vehicle starts speeding and barely misses the man.  The user mentions that the incident was recorded in Chavara which is Kollam District in Kerala.

The vehicle which barely misses the man just zooms past him and brushes against tree branches, later we can notice the man confused for some second before turning around and walking in another direction probably due to shock.

“Luckiest man of the month award goes to this man,” says the tweet. Watch the video that’s guaranteed to give you chills.

The video since shared has garnered much attention and many people can be seen commenting, on the micro-blogging platform.

What do you think about the video? Comment below!

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