Sundar Pichai Shared 2 Pics Which Went Viral

Sundar Pichai Shared 2 Pics Which Went Viral, Latest News, Viral Pics, Google, Trending
Sundar Pichai

Captioned IG versus Reality, Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared 2 images that showed what IG followers see versus what is happening in the backend.

In the first picture, it shows the Google CEO dressed in blue shirt and smiling at the camera and in the second we can see camera equipments and his caption says what he was checking at the time.

“IG vs. reality… comfy shoes + checking on @fcbarcelona scores between takes,” he wrote as his caption.

Shared recently, the post has garnered over 300,000 likes and comments.

“Haha! Stepping up the insta game,” commented an individual. “Behind the scene story,” wrote another.

While speaking on the 6th edition of Google for India, Mr. Pichai announced that the company would be investing nearly $10 billion into developing infrastructure and funding digital innovation in the country over the next five to seven years. 

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