With recent outbreaks of 2019-nCOV or Coronavirus in India, the scare of the pandemic has taken a toll on the availability of Surgical Masks where the retailers are feeling the effect of the shortage of availability of these masks.

There aren’t enough masks in the market, if you want to purchase then you can either take it or leave it – said a shopkeeper who sells the masks.

In recent days, the surgical masks have seen around 300% escalation in price when it used to be Rs.10 before, now Rs.40, also are the price of sanitizers and N95 masks are currently sold at double the price owing to shortages.

The shortage is due to the stocks where the shopkeepers are selling domestically produced masks as supplies from China from the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak. This has also impacted the global supply chain where most of the masks were originally imported from China.

The shortage of masks also has affected healthcare workers, a doctor is reported saying about the availability of masks to health workers where he mentioned – “Healthcare workers are at maximum risk to catch the infection because they are directly in touch with patients. They need to be provided with all possible protective equipment to be able to work without fear or anxiety”

Experts have said that those who are healthy can opt-out wearing masks and that needs to be provided for affected patients, regular washing of hands, using sanitizer and other safety precaution needs to be undertaken to stop the spread of the virus. Affected people need to quarantine themselves and avoid going to public places as they might possibly spread the disease on a large scale.

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