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Sweden Ice Hotel – This is a Unique Hotel Built Every Year!

Generally, any hotel, lodge, or building is built very firmly, thus securing hundreds of years. But there is one such hotel in the world that is made every year and after a while, it flows back into the river!

Yes, you may be surprised to know this, but this unique hotel is located in Sweden. It is called the Ice Hotel. This Sweden Ice Hotel is made every winter. 5 months later it melts and mixes with the river water.

The tradition of building this unique hotel has been going on since 1989. This is the 32nd year the hotel has been built. Considering the global pandemic coronavirus, the Covid guidelines are being followed at the Ice Hotel this year.

This unique hotel is built on the banks of the River Tarn. About 2500 tons of ice is extracted from the river to make it, and its construction is due to begin by October.

To make it, artists from all over the world come here to showcase their art. Many rooms are made each year for the visitor’s stay in the hotel. The temperature inside the rooms is -5° degrees Celsius!

It is said that about 50 thousand tourists come every year to stay in this hotel! This is a very attractive and popular hotel. The hotel looks beautiful from both outside and inside, it runs until April.

Sweden Ice Hotel
Sweden Ice Hotel Inside Look

After that the snow starts to melt, then the hotel closes. After a few days, the entire hotel gets destroyed naturally. The cost of a night stay in this hotel ranges from Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 1 lakh!

The -5° hotel is so popular that people want to spend thousands of dollars on it, the reason is unknown but still remains a popular hotel every year. Make a plan to visit here once at least in your lifetime to get a unique experience.

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