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Taraknath Das – Bengali Revolutionist | Freedom Fighter

Taraknath Das was an important national leader who was an internationalist and anti-British scholar. He was involved in activities to liberate India and make it independent from British rule.

During his career, he worked as a professor at Columbia University, where he taught politics and also served as a visiting professor at various universities.

To pay tribute to the contribution of Taraknath Das, there are several foundations that provide funds to the Indian student who studies and stays in the United States who have completed a year of study and continues his studies to complete his diploma.

Taraknath Das Information

  • Name: Taraknath Das
  • Date of Birth: 15th June 1884
  • Place of Birth: Kanchrapara
  • Education: University of Washington, Norwich University, Scottish Church College
  • Father: Kalimohan
  • Spouse: Mary Morse
  • Date of Death: 22nd December 1958
  • Place of Death: New York, New York, United States

History of Taraknath Das

Born in a lower-middle-class family, Taraknath Das was born in Bengal in 1884. He was born to Kalimohan his father who worked as an employee in the Central Telegraph Office.

His qualities of great writing made it noticeable by the lawyer P. Mitter who had recruited him.

Later Taraknath Das went to Calcutta for university studies. In his attempt to liberate India, he even tried to join the Vermont Military Academy but was expelled from his country because of his anti-British movements.

He passed his education M.A. and later he completed his doctorate at the University of Washington.

Contributions From Taraknath Das

Taraknath Das was the founder of the Indian Independence League, which is carried out with the active participation of Panduranga Khankoje. He even received funds to start his newspaper called Free Hindustan, which was published in English.

The newspaper was claimed as the first publication of South Asia made in Canada. In 1907, Taraknath Das established an association called the Hindustani Association.

Taraknath Das even founded a boarding school for children who were Asian immigrants and the school was called Swadesh Sevak Home. In this school, there were special night classes to learn English and mathematics, which helped the Indians send letters home.

His newspaper, Free Hindustan, was an anti-British body that led to the formation of the Gadar party and encouraged the people. After the uprising of 1857, the Gadar Party was the first organized step for freedom.

His Personal Life

Taraknath Das married his friend Mary Keatinge Morse and was also the founder of the association that discriminated against people of color and her name was the national association for the advancement of people of color.

In 1935, with the support of his wife, he opened the Taraknath Das Foundation. The main purpose of the foundation was to promote educational activities and even establish a cultural relationship between Asians and the United States.

After 11 years of struggle in 1946, his citizenship was restored in the United States.

Taraknath das visited the Indian after 46 years of exile in 1952 as a visiting professor of the Watumull Foundation. He also founded the Vivekananda Society in Calcutta.

Throughout his life, he tried to make India Independence and In December 1958, he took his last breath in New York.

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