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Texas Girl Katelyn Thornley Sneezes 12,000 Times Daily And Can’t Stop

As the title describes a girl named Katelyn Thornley who lives in Texas has a sneezing problem from the age of 12, Do you know the girl sneezes 12000 times a day? Yes, one day she started sneezing suddenly and it never ever stopped. 

In 2015, this news was covered in most of the media, the girl was not able to go to school because it disturbs other children.

Doctors said it’s not a new case they have seen this type of case before but even after giving treatment it was not cured and remained mysterious.

She was suffering from severe allergies. Initially, she thought it may be a normal disease but she started getting the pain along with the sneeze then the worry started. This is a challenging case for doctors as well.

As the girl says she feels like tickling in her nose and sneezes it, this was common in many people but here Texas doctors are also not able to find the root cause.

Even her parents expressed their feelings and felt sad about the problem that her daughter is facing, she is not able to eat food also properly and can’t do anything, so they are just giving support to her and keeping her positive.

The only time the sneeze seems to decrease is when she listen to music, especially The Beatles.

She also said that “Even in her dreams, She will sneeze” and wants to stop. Friends just imagine how she’ll be feeling with her condition, very sad!

Let us wish for her to cure sure and be normal like us, what do you think about this rare story, comment below!

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