Kerala Flood Updates The Number of Deaths in Kerala Reaches 70, Latest News
Kerala Flood Updates

The Minister of the Union, Amit Shah, assessed the flood situation in Karnataka and Maharashtra, and the leader of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, visited his parliamentary constituency, Wayanad (Kerala), one of the most affected place.

Emergency teams, including those of the Indian Army and the Indian Navy, have intensified their rescue operations in Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra due to heavy rains that flooded vast areas of western and southern India, razed buildings and destroyed crops and cattle destroyed on Sunday.

Monsoon rains killed at least 140 people and displaced more than one million people in all 3 states last week. Three other states, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, face a crisis caused by heavy rains.

The Interior Minister of the Union, Amit Shah, assessed the flood situation in Karnataka and Maharashtra, and the leader of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, visited his parliamentary constituency, Wayanad (Kerala), one of the most affected.

The meteorological office announced on Sunday that the intensity of the rain in Gujarat, Kerala, and Karnataka could decrease on Monday. Sudden rainfall in some states, while others experience a rainfall deficit, have brought to light an asymmetric monsoon, which experts have associated with climate change.

In Kerala, at least 70 people died in four consecutive days of heavy rains that revived memories of last year’s deadly floods that killed more than 400 people. Lifeguards fear that the number of victims is too high, as many people are still in areas affected by landslides.

But the state government said the right preparations helped prevent the damage. More than 225,000 people were transferred to 1,550 relief camps and the water level in the main dams was not a concern at this time, Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told reporters.

“Well-planned efforts have reduced the number of victims,” ​​he said after an information meeting in the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram, adding that the state is closely monitoring the situation. , in view of a red alert from the Meteorological Department of India in the districts of Kannur, Kasaragod, and Wayanad.

Rahul Gandhi arrived at Kozhikode airport in the afternoon. He refused to talk to the media and went directly to a help camp. “In the next few days, I will be based on my Lok Sabha riding in Wayanad devastated by the flood. I will visit relief camps through Wayanad and review relief measures with district and state officials,” he tweeted before arriving at the state of south.

Flights from Kochi International Airport resumed Sunday afternoon, 2 days after its closure due to the flooding of the runway. The Abu Dhabi-Kochi Indigo flight landed around 12:15, marking the resumption of operations, said an official at Cochin International Airport (CIAL).

In Kavalapara, one of the most affected areas in Malappuram, rescue teams dug a layer of melted snow and debris to clean the bodies of the trapped after a landslide. Local legislator PV Anwar said more than 50 people were missing in the area. Relief officials said it would take at least two or three days to clear the debris.

“I lost 7 members of my family. I wish I could die,” said Sunil P, the only survivor of a family of 8. As the relief operations progressed, emergency teams discovered the body of a woman who held her dead baby against her chest.

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“We complain about having bare quarries in sensitive areas of Western Ghats. Modern buildings and crazy development: it is natural that the hills are weakened,” said environmentalist VS Vijayan.

The Minister of Interior of the Union, Shah, traveled to Karnataka and began an aerial survey in the Belgavi district, affected by the floods, in which at least 40 people died. Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa accompanied Shah.

After Shah’s departure, Yediyurappa said he had asked the Center to release a subsidy of Rs 3,000 million on behalf of the state. The final damage estimate could exceed Rs 30,000-40,000 crores, he said.

On Sunday, nine deaths were reported in the state and 14 people disappeared, according to an official statement. Approximately 581,000 people were evacuated. Among them, 327,000 people were staying in 924 relief camps, the newspaper added.

In Maharashtra, more than 30 people, including 17 drowned in a dump near the village of Brahmanal in Sangli on Thursday, died in rain-related incidents in five districts last week.

Some 378,000 people were evacuated from the districts of Kolhapur and Sangli, the most affected, where the water began to withdraw slowly on Saturday, another official said.

“A total of 424,333 people have been evacuated throughout the state. Of these, 233,000 were transferred from Kolhapur only to safer places,” said the second PTI official.

In some areas of Kolhapur, the helicopters threw food packages, with communication routes still full of water. A team of 100 private doctors from Thane will soon travel to Sangli and Kolhapur to provide medical assistance. They will also wear clothes and blankets for those affected by the floods.

National Highway 4 (NH4), which connects Pune with Bangalore through Kolhapur, reopened on Sunday, but only to deliver essential supplies to Kolhapur. We still didn’t know when the highway would be open to normal traffic. Several sections of the road were still underwater.