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The Sad and Disturbing Truth Behind Mother Teresa

The real name of Mother Teresa was “Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu”. She was born on August 26, 1910, in the former Yugoslavia (now the Republic of Macedonia). She came to India in 1929.

Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun who settled in the slums of Calcutta “to serve God among the poorest of the poor.” Her charity missionaries established hundreds of centers and received millions of dollars. She strongly opposed contraception and abortion.

The Disturbing Truth of Mother Teresa  

Mother Teresa was canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church, but there is conclusive evidence that she was a rather controversial figure.

Hundreds of centers have been established by her Charity Missionaries around the world, the main purpose is to help the people who are in need to recover and heal.

However, some say that health conditions in the centers have made patients sicker than before. The volunteers who worked there instead of the doctors were poorly trained or not trained at all.

They neglected the basic concepts of hygiene and did not isolate people with infectious diseases. The clinics lacked supplies and lacked the necessary medical equipment which made the treatment delay.

“The workers washed needles with water and reused them for the patients, he continue saying medicines and other important items were stored for months, exhaled and applied sporadically to patients.”

The above words are said by – Hemley Gonzalez (a volunteer of Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity).

But all this cannot be accounted only for insufficient funds because Mother Teresa has received millions of dollars for her work, but no one knows what happened to the money till now.

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An investigation revealed in 1991 that only 7% of the income of its centers was dedicated to charities. Journalists also discovered that she kept her billions in a Vatican Bank savings account.

At one point of time, Mother Teresa’s account kept the bank afloat and made her its biggest client, she used to accept the money from even doubtable sources.

She received over $1 million donations from banker Charles Keating when he was later found guilty of fraud, she pleaded for the commutation of his sentence. She also accepted a sum of $10,000 receipt from cult leader John-Roger Hinkins, these amounts were too big at those times.

Many claims that her primary goal was not to serve the poor, but tried to convert them to Catholicism. She was accused of using people with terminal and distressing diseases to show compassion.

For her own medical treatment, she preferred California Clinics. She strongly opposed contraception and abortion, even in the case of rape.

Although she seemed to be the most devout Catholic in the world, she had a crisis of faith during the last 40 years she felt the emptiness in her heart, as per her correspondents.

Mother Teresa celebrated her 87th birthday in August and died shortly after a heart attack on 5th September 1997.

After all, even the miracle Mother Teresa allegedly performed was debunked. The church recognized that she had healed an Indian women’s tumor, but her husband and doctor said it has been cured with medication.

Despite criticism, Mother Teresa has become an example of empathy for millions of people mainly served a long period and became famous in India.

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