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Motivation for your life

Until you take risk in life there is nothing big you can achieve. You may be heard many times from your family, friends, and your surroundings that to have plan B ready if plan A fails.

Don’t listen to them because without consistency you cannot finish, if you keep jumping from one to another nothing works better for you. Don’t be afraid to fail, “FAIL BIG” if you do not fail that means you are not even trying.

Every time we dream but reality is we don’t set any goals and work towards achieving it. Dreams without goals are just Dreams. If you want to achive something never before you have to work like never before.

Consistency is the key for success even though you are getting results or not that doesn’t matter. When you are consistent in what you are doing you’ll learn to improve yourself and one day you’ll succeed.

Start taking action even if you’re afraid off. If you wanna reach the first floor you cannot reach in one step right? you have to move step by step similarly, life is like a staircase you need to move in an upward direction with your smaller missions to reach your vision.

Don’t postpone the things, the time gone is gone and never comes back. Here I remember Steve Jobs where he worked like there is no tomorrow that’s why Apple became such a big company today.

At last, what I wanted to say is start implementing your thoughts in real life, start doing mistakes only then you’ll learn what is right and what is wrong. People may criticize you 100 times in every movement of your life but you raise your standards by moving forward and those who criticize they’ll stay at the place where they are.

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