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This railway station was closed for 42 years because of a girl! Do you know the reason?

Yes, what you read is 100% true, this station in India was closed for 42 years because of a girl. This railway station is located in the Purulia district of West Bengal. It is known as the Begunkodar Railway Station. Let’s see the details…

This railway station was opened in 1960. Santhal Queen, Lachan Kumari who put the effort to open it. All was well for a few years after the station opened. But then strange events started happening here. In 1967, a railway employee at kodar soon claimed to have seen a woman’s ghost at the station.

It was revealed that earlier five of them had died in the accident at the same railway station, including the girl who appeared as a ghost! No one took his words seriously. The next day a railway worker also told the same to people. Even then, everyone ignored him. The real problem began when the station master at his quarters was found dead with his family. Then people started fearing.

The girl’s ghost started appearing to many people who were passing by the station. The woman’s ghost many times was running along with the train it seems, sometimes running faster than the train!

Apart from that, she was dancing in front of the train several times it seems! All of this was experienced by the people on the train. After all this people started calling kodar Railway Station a demon railway station. It was also recorded in railway records!

The fear of this woman’s ghost began to rise in the people. Even the staff working at the station fled in fear. When any other employee was transferred to this station they were not willing to work there and were ready to quit. Even the passengers of this railway station stopped coming in fear.

No one was boarding the train, no one was descending. So the trains passing through this station stopped totally to stop in this station. And the upcoming station became the place to stop. The ghost story of the station reached the Purulia district, then to the Railway Ministry. But even they could not do anything.

Loco pilots were speeding up the train before the train arrived at the station! It is their desire to cross this station as soon as possible! Even the passengers were closing the window doors as soon as they arrived!

In 2009, the station was reopened by then railway minister Mamata Banerjee, as the villagers wished. Since then, there is no demon noticed in the area. There are currently 10 trains traveling from that station. Yet, after sunset, travelers do not board or descend here even now!

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