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Tilly Smith, The Girl Who Saved Many People During the 2004 Tsunami

Tilly Smith saved 100’s of lives from the 2004 Tsunami, know-how? Nature has wreaked havoc in our daily lives which we have suffered for a long time, be it landslides, volcanoes, lightning, floods, etc we have faced it all, and also we have suffered a huge loss of life and property.

Tsunami, hearing the word sends shivers to everyone’s mind. We have witnessed huge tsunamis creating havoc at many places in the region of SE Asia and Japan. Everyone remembers the latest tsunami which caused an explosion at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant which was a loss of property and being a nuclear explosion it is still an uninhabited area.

However, before the 2011 Tsunami that hit Japan, another Tsunami effect is still remembered among many people and that is the 2004 Tsunami.

Also known as the Boxing Day Tsunami, the 2004 Indian ocean earthquake, and tsunami is one of the deadliest tsunamis that stuck Indonesia which is part of the ring of fire, the tsunami was caused by an earthquake in the Indian ocean which was nearly a magnitude of 9.1-9.3. It destroyed many lives where the estimated number of deaths crossed 200,000+ and this tsunami which stuck on 26th December 2004 is still remembered till date.

There were much loss of lives in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and many such small Islands located in the Indian Ocean. However, there has been good news also where we came across one such on the internet.

Tilly Smith a UK resident saved 100’s of lives against the powerful force of nature who has been given the nickname as The Angel of the Beach.

Tilly Smith and her family were vacationing in Thailand  She was just a schoolgirl at the time and they were relaxing on the beaches of Thailand. And on the day of the earthquake, she noticed the ocean was frothing and bubbling which were the signs of a Tsunami. Tilly had recently read about the signs of Tsunami 2 weeks before in her geography class where the waves will be abnormal and they were not at regular intervals.

Tilly immediately alerted her parents to leave the beach and her parents immediately left the place and also informed the hotel staff who cleared the beach confirming Tilly’s suspicion.

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The family was able to get to the safety before the waves of the Tsunami stuck the place and with Tilly’s preparedness, she had saved 100’s of lives who could have died due to the Tsunami. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake claimed the lives of more than 200,000 in 13 countries that year and due to Tilly’s presence of mind, the beach which they were vacationing were the ones which reported fewer casualties. 

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