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In the world of many religions, Hinduism is considered as oldest religion on this earth. In India, people have enormous temples with different names of God. Tirumala is located in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, one of the temples in Southern Part of India

In Tirumala almost 60 – 70 thousand people visit every single day and it is the richest temple in the world when it comes to receiving donations.

It is considered as the spiritual heaven in the name of Lord Venkateshwara or also called Balaji.

Venkateswara Temple Tirumala is an ancient Hindu Temple spread across 8000 sq km and it is about 2500 ft above the sea level.

According to the Geologists research based on Purana’s, it is said about 2100 million years old temple and it is located in the path of Seshachalam hills range.

Let’s get back to the pages of Puranas, there are 3 highest power holding gods in the universe Lord Brahma the creator, Lord Vishnu who Maintains and the Lord Shiva the Destroyer.

It is said that Tirumala is connected with the special relationship with Lord Vishnu. As the old scripture tells us Lord Vishnu has visited the earth many times in the form of human and animals, and Tirumala became the residence for god.

Tirumala temple is foam of Dravidian Architecture styles dates back to the 7th century. The entire Tirumala temple has been sculptured beautifully with the stories of different dynasties.

Tirumala is endured with the following:

a) 9th Century – Pallava Dynasty

b) 11th Century – Chola Dynasty

c) 14th to 15th Century – Vijayanagara Dynasty

d) 1800 to 1900’s – British Empire collected revenues

e) 1933 – Created an autonomous body Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams(TTD) to administer temple activities.

History of Tirumala Venkateshwara Swamy

Some interesting stories from mythology say that the Lord manifested on earth to bless the devotees during the Age of Kali. Once, Sage Brighu wanted to evaluate who among the Holy Trinity was the greatest.

When he consulted with Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, he was not satisfied, so he went to see Vaikuntha and kicked Lord Vishnu in his chest.

The Goddess Lakshmi resided in the chest of Lord Vishnu, felt insulted and left Vaikuntha and descended to Earth.

Lord Vishnu is now following Mahalakshmi

Sad and depressed, Lord Vishnu went in search of his wife Mahalakshmi only to discover that she had been born into the family of a king like Padmavati.

The Lord entered an anthill and began to meditate. Lord Shiva and Brahma arrived there like a cow and a calf in search of the Lord. Shiva in the form of a cow poured his milk into the anthill to feed the Lord daily.

According to the divine plan, Venkateshwara and Padmavati met and the gods approached the king to give his daughter in marriage to the Lord.

The Unprecedented Marriage

The Lord received a huge sum of money from Kubera, the god of wealth, to carry out an unprecedented grand nuptial ceremony. After the marriage, the Lord remained in the hills of Tirumala and a magnificent temple was erected in the plaza.

Therefore, it is said that the Lord is repaying in pieces the loan he received from Kubera. It is said that devotees make their contributions to help the Lord pay in a timely manner.

The Glory of the Temple of Tirupati Balaji

The Tirupati Balaji temple is rightly called Bhuloka Vaikuntam, the home of Vishnu on earth.

Therefore, it is believed that Lord Vishnu manifested in this temple during this age of Kali-yuga to guide and direct his followers towards salvation. It is said that the main idol of Lord Venkateshwara is so unique and powerful.

Construction of the Tirupati Balaji Temple

The construction of the Temple of Tirupati Balaji began in 300 d. C. with many emperors and kings who regularly make contributions for its development.

In the mid-eighteenth century, General Maratha Raghoji I Bhonsale designed a permanent body to administer temple procedures.

This resolution and plan led to the birth of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTDs) that were developed by the TTD Act in 1933. Today, the TTDs manage and maintain many temples and sub-shrines under their competent leadership.

How Did Lord Venkateshwara Swamy Get the name “Balaji”

Hathirama Babaji was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Vishnu. When he learned that Vishnu was present in Tirupati as Lord Venkateshwara, he came to Tirupati from northern India.

When he arrived, it was late and the priests did not let him in. He decided to commit suicide by jumping from a hill. This time, Lord Venkateshwara appeared before him.

Hathirama Babaji was blessed because Lord Venkateshwara Swamy later began to come to him in the form of a small child. Therefore, Hathiramji started calling Venkateshwara as Bala (little boy) Ji (respected). Balaji means little respected boy.

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Tirumala Temple contains Idols in Garbha Griha

The Main deity(Dhruva Bera) is Lord Venkateshwara Swamy or Balaji and other deities representing the main deity are as follows:

  • Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy
  • Ugra Srinivasa or Snapana Murthi
  • Koluvu Srinivasa or Bali Sera
  • Utsava Murthy or Sri Malayappa
  • Sri Krishna
  • Lord Srirama, Sita, Lakshmana and Sugreeva
  • Sudarshana or Sri Chakrattalvar

Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Abhishekam

Tirumala Online Booking

No need to search for any websites TTD has the official website ttdsevaonline.com you can book everything online like Room Booking, Seva, Kalyana Vedika, Donations, etc. You just need an email and phone number to register and login after verification.

Tirumala Accommodation

The Tirumala Temple administration of Tirupati Devasthanams created some modifications from 1st Jan 2011 to create positive a lot of transparency among the allocation of accommodation to pilgrims.

TTD has imposed a fine on accommodation for pilgrims who do not leave the rooms within 24 hours as TTD standards.

If the pilgrim does not leave the room within 24 hours, he must pay a 200% rent increase after 48 hours, 400% after 72 hours.

  • Sri Venkateshwara Guest House.
  • Sri Padmavathi Guest House.
  • Varaha Swami Guest House.


TTD Administrative Building,

K.T. Road Tirupati, 517 501

Andhra Pradesh, India.

There are several large convention halls with free rooms for families to stay in reasonable comfort. Electricity and water are provided free of charge.

For free accommodation, pilgrims can contact the central reception desk near the Tirumala bus stop. If people want to stay in luxurious hotels, there are private hotels available plenty of them in Tirumala Tirupati.

TTD Seva Details

  • Suprabhatam
  • Tomala Seva
  • Archana
  • Kalyanotsavam
  • Arjitha Brahmotsavam
  • Dolotsavam (Unjal Seva)
  • Vasanthotsavam
  • Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva
  • Ekanta Seva
  • Vishesa Pooja
  • Ashtadala Pada Padmaradhana
  • Sahasra Kalasabhishekam
  • Tiruppavada Seva
  • Abhishekam
  • Nijapada Darsanam
  • Vastralankara Seva
  • Ashtadala Pada Padmaradhana
  • Teppotsavam
  • Padmavathi Parinayam
  • Abhideyaka Abhishekam
  • Pushpa Pallaki
  • Pushpa Yagam
  • Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam
  • Pavithrotsavam

These are the important sevas provided by TTD

Facilities Provided at Tirumala

Free Meals:

Every Single day free meals will be provided to the devotees in Annadanam Complex from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm by TTD

Free Medical Aid:

Aswini Hospital and Vaikuntam ‘Q’ complex I & II provides free medical aid for devotees of Tirumala.

Provided Free Bus:

It carries the people to reach places like cottages, temples, function halls and other places of Tirumala.

Free Tonsure for devotees:

The place at Kalyanakatta PAC I and II the pilgrims can fulfill their vow by cutting their hairs.

Automobile Clinic Available:

In the case of your vehicle repair, a mobile van available with mechanics and spares at the ghat road, you need to contact in the toll gate if you require any help.


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