To Teach China a Lesson Now Its Hero Cycles Turn

To Teach China a Lesson Now Its Hero Cycles Turn, Latest News, Business News, India, China, Hero Cycles, Trade Deal
Hero Cycles Cancel Trade Deal With China

Yes, Thousands of companies in India Boycotted Chinese products including imports, now its the turn by Hero Cycles where it has become the hero by canceling 900 Crore trade bill with China. The company said in a statement.

Hero Cycles MD. Pankaj Munjal after canceling the deal said from now onwards all the required parts will be manufactured in India itself to support Swadeshi products and the market. He continued saying when we are able to manufacture computers itself why not possible to manufacture cycles? Definitely we’ll do and show. From this China got another shock, day by day people are supporting the movement and boycotting Chinese products and deals.

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