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Top 10 Highest-Paid Jobs in the World in 2023

When choosing a career, its salary potential plays a vital role in our mind and it should be. At the beginning of your career knowing its potential growth probably helps aspirants to envision their future around that. Knowing the pay scale is also helpful in which degree they should opt for.

Well, worldwide there are hundreds of potential jobs out there. Among them, in this article, we are discussing the top 10 highest-paid jobs in the world. We have made this list with the help of BLS’s data and a few other resources. As a result, we have given the estimated salary potential for that particular job. It may vary in different countries and according to the job role.

List of top 10 highest paid jobs in the world

1. Anaesthesiologist

Anaesthesiologist, Top 10, Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Salary Potential– $208,000-$326,296

Becoming an anesthesiologist is the highest-paid job across the globe. It is a very responsible and reputed role as well. Anesthesiologists are specialized physicians who plan and give patients pain management medication in the pre-operative situation, during the surgery, and after that as well. They ensure the patient goes through the operation safely and manage their pain and stress.

They plan the anesthesia dosages from months before the surgery by interacting with the patient and analyzing their health condition. During the operation, they give keen attention to the patient’s status like blood pressure, breathing level, heart rate, etc. So, that they could tackle any emergency problem and save the patient.


  • Aspirants after passing their school from a science background, need to gain a medical degree.
  • After completing her/his degree, they have to go for a PG degree in Anaesthesia.
  • Then after practicing for a few years, they can work individually. 

2. Physician

Salary Potential– $206,500- $300,000

A physician is a health care professional who diagnoses the diseases of patients, analyses their stage of illness, and prescribes the medication. Physicians work in a team and need to manage and lead the team from time to time.

A major role of physicians is to build a relationship with patients and own their trust. In general practice, medical doctors interrogate patients about their problems and treat them. Physicians need to have a wide knowledge of different health issues to take care of the patients. They often refer specialist physicians for dealing with any particular disease.


  • First Graduate from medical college
  • Then one might go for specialization courses to be a specialist physician in any field or internship and practice 
  • It takes a few years to be established as a well-known medical doctor.

3. Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Top 10,  Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Salary Potential- $190,000-$271,000

In short, the CEO or Chief Executive officer is the decision-maker of any company for their successful growth. It is a very flexible and diverse job where you will need to deal with a range of problematic situations. The responsibility of a CEO is to bring a solution-oriented approach to the entire team of the company.

For small to big companies, the role and salary of CEOs vary respectively. For big companies, the CEO is the face of the organization, who directs the company’s market strategy, coordinates with other companies and shareholders, executes goals, etc. 


  • Since CEOs could be the actual game-changer for a company so, they require a higher skill set.
  • Higher Degree in business and Finance  
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Years of Industry experience

4. Surgeon

Surgeon, Top 10, Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Salary Potential- $208,000-$216,248

This is another medical profession that pays a significant amount of salary and respect. Surgeons are the doctors who perform surgery to treat special physical conditions in our bodies. To become an established surgeon, one needs years of dedication and practice.

Surgeons have their team of other doctors and nurses in the surgery room to perform particular surgeries smoothly. Apart from performing surgery in the operation theatre, they have other roles too. They examine a patient before surgery, choose the best treatment for them, and schedule their treatment (if they require more than one surgery).


  • The first step to becoming a surgeon is to earn a medical degree.
  • Then pass the relevant exams (varies in different countries) to become a licensed surgeon
  • Go for a specialized field in which you want to become a surgeon like Neurosurgeon, Pediatrics, colon and rectal surgeon, etc.  

5. Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer, Top 10, Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Salary potential– $119,126-$189,000

Software engineers make significant contributions to our daily lives, and today’s world would be unimaginable without them. Software developers design, develop and manage all computer and mobile applications.

Because of the digitalization of all businesses, this is a highly demanding job not only in the IT sector but in almost all fields. Like they are required in health care sectors, retail companies, government agencies, banking, Finance industry, and defense.


  • In general cases, one needs a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
  • But due to the high competition, only a degree for cracking a job would not be enough, the aspirants with coding projects and diverse skill sets would be preferred.

6. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist, Top 10, Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Salary potential- $240,630- $255,070

A psychiatrist is another medical profession where the doctor diagnoses a patient’s mental and emotional health problems. They also treat the appearing physical health issues due to mental stress.

They treat the anxiety, panic attack, depression, hopelessness, and deep sadness of surviving patients, and those people going through suicidal thoughts, hearing ‘voices’. They have several methods of treatment like psychotherapy, psychosocial interventions, and other treatments (such as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT).

Usually for taking the therapy sessions they charge from the survivor where they talk with them patiently to solve their problems.


  • It takes years of practice to perform independent therapy 
  • Students of psychology and medical students who pursue their specialization in this field become a psychiatrist.

7. Investment Banker 

Investment Banker, Top 10, Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Salary potential– $135,000-$175,000

Investment bankers are cooperative individual persons who work for companies, government organizations, or even for individual clients to help them invest their assets. Investment bankers require high qualifications in aptitude, Finance, and deep market knowledge. 

Companies and organizations took their help in raising their money through smart investments. It is a profession where you always need to be updated. They also manage the company’s IPO before it’s going to be public and facilitates the process of merger and acquisition between companies. 


  • Students of Commerce, Finance, Economics, and Marketing can go for this job.
  • Even if anyone has good Finance skills and market knowledge, could grab the opportunity.

8. Dentists

Dentists, Top 10, Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Salary potential– $155,600-$225,000

Dentists are the healthcare professionals who treat oral problems. They resolve problems related to teeth and gum. At some point in everybody’s life, they need to visit a dentist with teeth problems.

Dentists have a brighter career in the future respective to the increasing popularity of junk foods. They repair cavities, and oral infections and perform surgeries like teeth replacement. Dentists also have the knowledge of the nervous system, head, neck, and ear to treat patients with advanced safety.


  • It is partly associated with a medical program. To become dentists students complete their degree from dental college.
  • Then go for higher studies in that field.

9. Airline pilot

Airline pilot, Top 10, Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Salary Potential– $93,300-$160,970

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Do you want to travel the world? If yes! Then this career might be for you from this list of Top 10 highest paid jobs in the world. Airline Pilots fly airplanes, helicopters, and other air crafts.

Airline Pilots go through the regular testing procedure of their skill. With the fixed salary, pilots have many perks and extra facilities.


  • To grab this exciting employment students have to qualify for highly comitative exams
  • Go through regular fitness and other tests during the training.

10. Lawyer, Judge

Lawyer, Judge, Top 10, Highest Paid Jobs in the World

Salary Potential- $1,54,079- $2,01,576

A career in law opens a variety of job opportunities. So after completing your degree, you have the option of what you want to be according to your personality.

You could be a lawyer. A lawyer represents their clients in court for different issues like business, legal or personal to compete against the opponent client. You could also consider Judging as a career. Judge or juries of the court take the final decision by analyzing the proof in favor of a client.


  • The profession of the law requires a bachelor’s degree in law
  • The Master’s degree in law opens more opportunities 
  • For different posts, they need to appear for further examinations


Apart from the above-mentioned 10 job opportunities, in this world, there are also different opportunities where you can get the same results. But these are few popular and respective highest paid jobs in the world. If you like any of the above-mentioned roles and are thinking about pursuing your career then don’t forget to mention that job in the comment.

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