Top 10 Most Expensive SUVs In The World

Most Expensive SUVs In The World, Top 10 Expensive SUVs In The World, SUVs

Today we want to guide you the best and the most expensive SUVs in the world, as the price is premium even the quality, style, size, comfort, speed, safety, everything will be premium without any compromise.

You can compare these SUVs with the sports car features, if you have money to spend these are the best car you need to have in your life, but keep in mind the maintenance will cost you more road taxes, servicing, etc.

If you want to buy these SUVs think 100 times before because you need to take care like a child and very expensive in every aspect, these are mainly manufactured to target Royal people who doesn’t care about money and just need facilities and features.

In our opinion Car should be little comfortable to drive along with safety to drive one place to another, that’s it we need not more than that, what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

Top 10 most expensive SUVs in the world

These SUVs normally used by Top class business or rich people, for the common man it will be a dream to buy it, so we thought of providing information about it, so that even common man knows what it contains and which is the best in the market.

We have listed Top expensive SUVs in reverse order from Top 10 – Top 1

10. Cadillac Escalade Platinum – $110,000

9. Lexus LX 570 – $110,500

8. BMW X6 M – $114,000

7. Mercedes AMG GLS 63 – $136,000

6. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S – $182,000

5. Lamborghini URUS – $232,000

4. Mercedes Benz AMG G 65 – $252,000

3. Range Rover SV Autobiography – $270,000

2. Bentley Bentayga Black Edition – $390,000

1. Rolls Royce Cullinan – $425,000


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