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Unbelievable Top 10 Rarest Snakes in the World

On our planet, every animal has their significant value that other genera can’t full fill. But as humans, we have been dominating the eco-system over the years, and overexploitation now causes many species to be extinct and endangered.

People consider snakes as one of the most dangerous creatures but they are in a hazardous situation. Most of the snakes in the environment are non-venomous and less-venomous, very few are dangerous. Due to the spread of population, by the attack of invasive animals like mongoose, and climate change biologists enlisted a total of 97 species of snakes that are endangered.

While research we found some species, their existence is really rare, and scientists are worried about them. We are going to tell you the Top 10 rarest snakes in the world.

1. Saint Lucia Racer

Saint Lucia Racer, Top 10,  Rarest Snakes in the World
Saint Lucia Racer

Erythrolamprus ornatus commonly known as Saint Lucia Racer is the rarest snake of the world that just 20 individuals are alive on this vast earth. Their ancient habitat is the eastern Caribbean and is endemic in Saint Lucia. In that place, they were living independently but with the upcoming of invasive mongooses, their number falls drastically.

The serpent is small in length. The authorities start eradication of predators including mongoose from Saint Lucia to save the endangered species. You don’t need to worry because the rarest snake in the world is not venomous and non-dangerous to a human being.

2. Lined or striped blind Snake

Lined or striped blind Snake, Top 10, Rarest Snakes in the World
(Image source: ecologyasia)

This snake is our second pick in the range of the rarest snake in the world because it is rare, not only by number but also by the secretive nature of the species. The snake is a member of the Ramphotyphlops species. They are usually found in the territories of Indo-Asia.

They live under the soil, especially in the lowland soil. For convenience, while entering into the soil they have a blunt snout. It is difficult to differentiate their head from the body. In 2019 it has been rediscovered after 172 years in Singapore. Unfortunately, it was found in dead condition. But it is an indication for biologists that the species is still alive in deep soils.

3. Albany adder

Albany adder, Top 10, Rarest Snakes in the World
Albany adder

Albany adder is an extremely rare, deadly species that have been seen only 12 times in history since it has recorded in 1937. Unless other vipers it is venomous and can cause serious inflammation but further studies still haven’t occurred.

Scientists were in fear that it has been extinct but in recent studies, they find four alive serpents. The main reason for this less number of species is the shrinkage of land for them. Nowadays biologists are taking numerous steps to protect their habitat for preserving them.

4. Cyclades blunt-nosed Viper

Cyclades blunt-nosed Viper, Top 10, Rarest Snakes in the World
Cyclades blunt nosed Viper

Macrovipera Schweizer commonly known as Milos viper or Cyclades blunt-nosed viper is an endemic species of Cyclades Island situated in the Aegean Sea. The distribution of this viper is in very restricted areas as it could be seen in just four Islands. In 2009 government enlisted this as a strictly protected species because by the torture and persecution of humans this is a threatened animal.

Though it is a rarely seen reptile, the venom nature is very famous. It has the reasons that humans can be afraid of as it can attack within just 120 milliseconds.

5. Short-nosed Sea-snake

Short nosed Sea snake, Top 10, Rarest Snakes in the World
Short nosed Sea snake

The short-nosed Sea-snake more commonly known as the Sahul reef snake of Arafura Sea is a venomous and highly dangerous snake for a human being. But all the activities of people have made this species threatened. It is usually found in Ashmore and Cartier Islands and Ningaloo Reef. When it had not been seen for 15 years biologists fear that it could be extinct.

These snakes are long-lived and covered with the purple-brown band. They live in reef areas and under the sea of 2-20 meters deep. They are disturbed by the trawler nets, drowning, and water contamination. These factors hurt the snakes that are a real concern for scientists.

6. Antiguan Racer

Antiguan Racer, Top 10, Rarest Snakes in the World
Antiguan Racer

Antiguan racer is one of the species that was in danger a few years ago, as only 50 members were left on Antiguan Island. Antiguan Island and Barbuda Island is the original land place. By the nurture of the species and uprooting the predators the number of Antiguan racers has increased now 1,100.

They are variable in colors in the female and male body and with age, the colors change dramatically and show vibrant color hues. They are non-venomous, for protecting themselves it secrets musky odor.

7. Horned Desert Viper

Horned Desert Viper, Top 10, Rarest Snakes in the World
Horned Desert Viper

This snake is rare and famous for its interesting look with the small horns on the head. It is very common in desert areas and mostly lives in cooler temperatures.

For this ambush predator of the desert, there are so many local and a common names like Saharan horned viper, greater cerastes, African desert horned viper, etc. The viper usually sinks his body under the sand projecting his horned head up to the sand, while waiting for their prey. Whenever they feel fear undertake their body in C-shaped.

8. Aruba Island Rattle Snake

Aruba Island Rattle Snake, Top 10, Rarest Snakes in the World
Aruba Island Rattle Snake

It is a critically endangered species of snake that has been found in very less number. It is endemic to Aruba Island. The snakes are variable in colors as it shows dramatic colorization. It can be seen of brown to pink color, even with tan color crafted with diamond-shaped stripe.

 Its habitat is restricted so there are very few chances of migration and spreading. Only 240 adult individual species are there on the Island that is not protected either. That’s why they are now part of the Species Survival Plan for captive breeding.

9. Tancitaran dusky rattlesnake

Tancitaran dusky rattlesnake, Top 10, Rarest Snakes in the World
Tancitaran dusky rattlesnake

This is the extremely rare species that belongs to a venomous viper species. According to the recent studies this species is stuck into only five areas and continue declining. They are mainly observed in the West central Michoacán.

It need to be protected because the rattle of the tail of the species are not sufficient to keep away the invasive predators.

10. Santa Catalina Island Rattlesnake

Santa Catalina Island Rattlesnake, Top 10, Rarest Snakes in the World
Santa Catalina Island Rattlesnake

Santa Catalina Island Rattle Snake is a unique rare rattlesnake that lacks a functioning rattle. It is endemic in Santa Catalina Island. It has a color variation on the whole body.

It is a pit viper and very dangerous as it contains several toxins that are severe for others. Though it lacks in rattle, its skillful nature of climbing helps it to save it from hunters and to collect its prey for feed.

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