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Today the Technology is doing marvelous things in our day to day life, when we talk about Technology GOOGLE stands number 1 position, since it entered almost all the technology things, and the biggest search engine on earth.

There are many tricks in the Google only the expert or a person continuously using it can let you know the tricks, hence we want to share some knowledge with you. Here are some Internet Tips and Tricks you can use in your daily life as per the requirement.

Top Internet Tips and Tricks

1. Access Trick


If you have the Google chrome browser which denies to access some sites, like YouTube or any other, you can access from incognitive mode in the browser.

I strongly recommend you when you book any flight tickets or the site like GoDaddy to purchase a domain, when you visit frequently for your same query the prices usually go up as they will come to know that you are interested in.

How to do

Just see the 3 dots in the Google Chrome right side top, click on it and you’ll find new incognito window click on it and use same as you use the normal chrome.

2. Images Usage Trick

image-usage-trickIn the Internet Tips and Tricks let us see a trick in Google, Google contains plenty of images which has been stored from different websites, social media, and other sites but you cannot use all the images for commercial purpose mainly on internet because many images contains copyrights which you cannot use but there are ways to select and use, here are the tricks explained.

How to do

Suppose if you want animals images in Google, you will type animals and click on images tab which appear in the beginning, but you have to do further step.

You should click on settings which appear in the same row and then click on Advance setting, now you see the filters, select usage rights as (free to use or share even commercially), if you want to edit picture then you have to (choose free to use, share or modify, even commercially) like wise as per your need you can choose and click Advanced Search and use the images with resulted ones.

3. Temp Mail Trick

Temp-Mail-Disposable-Temporary-EmailYour inbox contain full of advertisement messages, are you frustrated? Do you know the reason why this is happening?

Because everywhere people are trying to capture you email, by making different offers and downloadable e-books, etc on the internet and promoting their stuff through your email and there are many companies who sell your data to other companies for money too. So what Internet Tips and Tricks you can use?

How To Do

There are plenty of websites available on internet like

So just type temp mail in Google you will find many sites like these to use, use any one for getting your free e-books, or any offers so that your real inbox will be clean and neat, only if you need regular updates from those sites you put real email id.