Top 10 Emotional Moments In The Indian Cricket History

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Top Ten Emotional Moments In The Indian Cricket History

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game who doesn’t know tell me? From childhood, we have grown up by playing Cricket, especially we Indians. The craze for cricket is all over the globe but we Indians like the sport and we are one step forward…

Know the top 10 emotional moments in Indian Cricket history, we cannot say which is the best most emotional scene we have witnessed in cricket but we can tell you the best moments in the Indian cricket history, you may be knowing these but we give you additional information unknown as below:

1) India Winning World Cup for the First Time – 1983

India Winning World Cup for the First Time, World Cup 1983, Kapil Dev
(Image Source: Rediff)

India winning the world cup was not so easy, it took a lot of effort by the Indian cricket team and lead by the Captain Kapil Dev. At that time no one thought India could do it even after they reach the finale. India took the cup for the first time and stunned everyone.

On March 20, India was unexpectedly in the quarter-finals of the World Cup and faced Zimbabwe. India unexpectedly entered world cup quarter-finals. And in a short time, we were 4 down along with the great players like Gavaskar, Srikanth, Amarnath, and Patil were back in the pavilion.

There was no hope for the people, at the time Captain Kapil Dev started his play and scored 175 of the 138 balls, including his 6 massive sixes.

Defeating the best team in the world, It was magical. Kapil Dev and his team mark their names in the history books of Indian cricket by winning the world for the first time on 25th June 1983.

2) India Vs Sri Lanka, World Cup Semi-Final – 1996

India Vs Sri Lanka, World Cup Semi-Final, 1996
(Image Source: Gettyimages)

Sri Lanka set a target for India 251 in the Semi-Finals of World cup 1966 and India started with 98 for 1, the game was going smooth initially soon after one by one 7 wickets fell by scoring only 22 runs where the Indian Cricket fans were very disappointed. Soon, the 8th wicket was down and this time the crowd burst out and showed their anger against the Indian team.

When it became clear that the Indian team cannot win, people started throwing the plastic water bottles and soft drink containers into the ground. 15 Overs left and India was 120 runs for 8 wickets and the hopes were completely dropped.

Soon it started raining for 25 to 30 minutes and the match was paused. Clive Lloyd of the West Indies, and the two umpires Cyril Mitchley of South Africa and Steve Dunne of New Zealand led the teams to make the crowd calm down.

After the game resumed Srilankan off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan deliver the second ball of his unfinished over but again the spectator started throwing bottles and this time it was glass bottles and it was turning dangerous to field near the boundaries the match has been stopped and awarded to Srilanka without continuing the game.

At last, the fans destroyed the stadium by putting the fire below the chairs and showed the anger, this was shameful but yet it happened.

3) Sachin’s Emotional Century – 1999

Sachin’s Emotional Century
(Image Source: Espncricinfo)

We all know the closest person of Sachin Tendulkar was his father Ramesh Tendulkar. In 1999 World cup in England India’s match against Zimbabwe the night before Anjali Sachin’s wife got a call in the midnight that Ramesh Tendulkar is no more.

She calls Jadeja and Robin Singh and said don’t give any calls to Sachin. She starts driving from London and reaches the place, she rings the bell and Sachin opens the door and was surprised to see her in the 2 am and he felt something must have happened then Anjali make him sit and tells the truth that his father is no more.

He was shocked to hear the news then he came to India to do rituals for his father, after a couple of days his mother asked him to go back to England and play cricket and she told that’s what your father would have asked for and that’s what 1.3 Billion Indians are hoping for, so go back and play.

Sachin went back and played the cricket, he received the warm welcome and affection from England for his decision. And one more thing the only match that the Sachin was wearing black glasses on the play against Kenya.

He got 140 from 101 deliveries and he lifted his head after he got 100 but every time he thanked god but this time it was to his father, this incident be with us forever as history.

4) Dada waving his Jersey at The Lords – 2002

Dada waving his Jersey at The Lords
(Image Source: Zeenews)

Andrew Flintoff took off his shirt at Wankhede Stadium after England defeated India to win the series … then Ganguly repeated the act at Mecca of cricket after the men in blue defeated the England team, Ganguly removed his shirt and start waving to sent to the message to the world that India will not take things easy.

After that event discussion started all over the country about Ganguly’s action, people were both sides far and against. But in the later days, Ganguly himself regretted his action saying that

“Everyone says it’s the most iconic moment. But I would not do it again. My daughter saw that and ask me why you did this and I say because I was happy. I come from a very conservative and shy Bengali family. It just happened in the heat of the moment.

Many cricketers have done it before but the people remember only this incident, maybe the emotion at that situation matched the Ganguly and people of India at the moment that has marked in history.

5) Yuvraj Singh 6 Sixes Against England – 2007

Yuvraj Singh 6 Sixes Against England
(Image Source: Hindustantimes)

On September 19, 2007, Yuvraj Singh from the Indian team became the first person to send six balls across the border in a row for the first time in T20.

Yuvraj was fired after a verbal fight with the England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff at the end of 18th over. The left-hander Stuart Broad came to bowl on the next over, Yuvi scored 36 points on six balls in 19th over which made history in the cricket.

Yuvraj himself admitted that it was hard to hit the balls but still the anger made him send the ball out of the ground. Very few people know that during the 2007 NatWest series, Yuvi hit by five-six in one over of Dimitri Mascarenhas. (All credit to Piyush Chawla for dropping the first ball of Yuvi that finally crossed the border)

In an interview, Yuvraj Singh told Ravi Shastri that he remembers this incident every time because he got recognition which he did not get when he scores a hundred and he was happy mainly because he did it against England.

6) India’s Dismissal in WC – 2007

India’s Dismissal in WC 2007, Top Ten Emotional Moments In The Indian Cricket History
(Image Source: Indiatoday)

The WC 2007 was an unforgettable moment under the captaincy of Rahul Dravid, India not only lost with Bangladesh but also ended a few team members Cricket career. When they arrived in New Delhi from West Indies lot of media were covering them and whisked away under heavy security, they were escorted as if they have done some crime.

Cricket fans’ emotions were at its peak throughout the country, even Dravid and Dhoni’s house were pelted stones by the disappointed cricket fans. Dravid and the team blamed the Indian medias’ for hyping the emotions in the country.

Later in that year, in Sept 2007, Dhoni became the T20 Captain and from then he became the most successful captain ever.

7) India Wins World Cup After 28 Years – 2011

India Wins 2011 World Cup After 28 Years, 2011 World Cup, India
(Image Source: Indiatimes)

India won the 2nd World Cup in 2011 after a long gap of 28 years, hence the whole country celebrated in their home, in their streets, with their friends, family, and neighbors, at the night. 

“Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd. India lifts the World Cup after 28 years,” Ravi Shastri marked the moment in his immortal voice.

All the team members were very happy with their achievement and we could see the tears, the win was celebrated by lifting the cricket god Sachin Tendulkar and walking the whole ground.

It did not stop there, all the politicians, Bollywood actors everyone celebrated that moment with pride all over the country. It was like a dream come true for team India, we cannot forget that moment in our life.

8) Sachin’s Retirement With Farewell Speech – 2013

Sachin’s Retirement With Farewell Speech
(Image Source: Sportskeeda)

On 16th November 2013, the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai was fully filled with emotions because the time came for the lord of cricket Sachin Tendulkar to retire from all forms of cricket. 

It was the last match for him played India vs West Indies test match, there was high pressure on him to play well because the world was watching that match with curiosity but still, he managed to get 74 runs out of 118 deliveries. If some other cricketers were in his place they could not have made it. That’s why we call him legend.

From the beginning to the end of his match fans who gathered in the stadium praising loudly by chanting his name for which he was thankful.

In the end, Sachin Tendulkar gave his last speech where he thanked everyone from his father, wife, children, team, board members, and fans for the great support shown all the time where you could see tears in everyone’s eyes.

9) Indian Cricket Team Wearing Mothers Name Jersey For The First Time – 2016

Indian Cricket Team Wearing Mothers Name Jersey For The First Time
(Image Source: Economictimes)

Players usually wear surname on their jersey which is essentially their fathers’ name in a way just another name for gender bias. On 29th Oct 2016, the entire Indian cricket team wears their mothers’ names instead. Taken a simple but history step against gender discrimination in India. A country where this is literally becoming a burning issue.

This initiative, Nayi Soch, is part of a new campaign launched by Star India in collaboration with the  Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to highlight the importance of mothers in our lives.

Every media such as social media, television, radio, newspapers the news were spread across the nation, and the matchday the entire team sent a strong message that all are equal by wearing mothers’ name with pride in front of billions of fans worldwide.

10) Kohli dedicating his knock to Sachin – 2016

Kohli dedicating his knock to Sachin
(Image Source: Alpeshp87)

In 2016 ICC World Twenty20, Virat Kohli scored 55 runs out of 37 balls against Pakistan which helped to reach the target of 119 in 18 overs and won the match. The man of the match, Virat Kohli, said it was challenging playing in difficult pitch like Eden Gardens on Saturday and he brings the best out of him.

He was emotional when he scored 50 and he dedicated to the Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar by bowing his head towards where Sachin was there in stands. Kohli started his career by taking Sachin as inspiration, so it was a great moment showing respect in front of 67,000 people and he was happy about his act.

After the play, Sachin wrote on his twitter as below