US FDA Revokes Usage of Hydroxychloroquine

US FDA Revokes Usage of Hydroxychloroquine, Latest Health News, Hydroxychloroquine, US, FDA
US FDA Revokes Usage of HCQ

Hydroxychloroquine a drug touted to be the cure to deadly Coronavirus has been revoked by the FDA. FDA revoked the emergency usage of hydroxychloroquine which was promoted by US President Donald Trump for treating Covid-19 patients, however, it started to show side effects.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency said that the usage of hydroxychloroquine will unlikely to be effective against treating coronavirus patients. With its major side effect being heart complications, posing a greater risk to patients said FDA.

Hydroxychloroquine is a decade-old drug used to treat patients with Lupus and Rheumatic Arthritis has a host of side effects such as heart rhythm problems, low blood pressure, muscle and nerve damage, etc.

With this move, the drug won’t be supplied to local and state health authorities and the drug can’t be prescribed to Covid-19 patients. However, the drug will be available for alternate uses.

During the beginning stages of Pandemic in the US Soil, POTUS aggressively campaigned to test the drug against Coronavirus which made health officials worried as to why the POTUS is taking the action pre-emptively.