An Inspiring Interview With Young Singer Vishal Cv

In India, there is no limit for talents that too in Bengaluru, it’s growing very fast pace in all industries. Today we got a personality who sings very well and performs live shows his name is Vishal Cv.

We had a chance to ask to give us an interview with jaborejob, he said OK immediately, thanks for the time you have given us, here is an interview what we asked and got the inspiring answers.

Vishal Cv – Young Singer Interview With Jaborejob

Jaborejob: Can you introduce yourself and your background in a brief?

Vishal Cv: I was born in Mysore and when I am just a year old, my family shifted to the US. Once I started attending school there, English music started influencing me but Indian music and Carnatic music too were part of my life as my parents used to play retro Kannada and Hindi songs at home.

So luckily, I was able to pick up multiple forms of music at a young age. I always used to enjoy humming along with songs, irrespective of the genre or language.

We permanently returned to India when I was almost 11. At 15, I started taking singing seriously and soon after, composition and production.

Now at 19, I have finally put out my own songs, playing tons of live shows and experimenting with various music genres.

Jaborejob: What kind of a person you are?

Vishal Cv: I am a person who believes in humbleness irrespective of popularity, fame or level. I believe in respecting musicians of all genres and tastes of every person.

It is OK to have a favorite or a strong opinion but “hate” is something I am totally against.

Jaborejob: Your singing and playing instruments are your hobbies from childhood or how the journey started?

Vishal Cv: As I just mentioned, I always used to hum and sing along with my mom, who has also had a keen interest in music ever since she was a kid.

After returning to India, music, for some time was not a part of my life. When I turned 15, my friends encouraged me to sing for the class as they heard me humming to myself.

As this went on, I started taking it more seriously and started practicing for hours a day, to sharpen my skill.

Soon, I wanted to write my own songs, compose my own music so I picked up the guitar, keyboard and music softwares.

Jaborejob: What are the projects you are involved in and currently what you are doing?

Vishal Cv: Last year I put out my debut single “So Typical” which I worked on with multi-platinum song-writer Manny Mijares and Grammy-nominated Producer Mack McKinney.

It amassed over 400k views on YouTube and peaked at #51 on Indian Itunes charts. This year I put out “ Strangers” which is also doing well.

Apart from my own album, I sing tracks for top singers in the Kannada industry. I make album songs for other upcoming artists in Karnataka. I have also started working as a Music director for a movie.

I perform in Bangalore across various locations including cafes, malls, bars, etc. I have my own production and band called “Tropical Aroma

Jaborejob: Would you like to share any difficulty you faced in your life and bounced back?

Vishal Cv: Success doesn’t strike as soon as we begin the journey. My singing hadn’t always been good.

A lot of people used to critique my vocals when I first started but that made me take is a challenge and used to practice for multiple hours a day.

Getting shows was never easy, I used to travel all around Bangalore, asking people to give me a chance.

Even now, I try my best to keep in touch with Directors and producers and sometimes wait for long hours to meet them and travel a lot just so I can spend a few minutes talking to them.

I believe contacts are as important as your skill in the industry. Sometimes, I perform two shows a day at two different parts of Bangalore. It is not easy but I still enjoy it.

Jaborejob: What are the awards you have achieved till now and which one is most memorable and why?

Vishal Cv award-winning
Vishal Cv award-winning

Vishal Cv: Having worked with top, multi-award-winning songwriters and Producers in the US is my biggest accomplishment to date.

Every project so far has been a memorable one as I enjoy working on each. I enjoy performing live as well. Even if there is no one watching, I give my fullest!

Jaborejob: What is your mission and vision of your life?

Vishal Cv: My mission is to make good and catchy music that people enjoy listening to. My vision is that I will be an international performer one day and my albums are gonna sell worldwide.

I also want to take Kannada music to the next level and give the language worldwide fame through music. I have always been a proud Kannadiga.

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Jaborejob: What are the success mantra that you follow, share with our readers which can help them as well?

Vishal Cv: Hard work, Dedication, persistence are all necessary factors for success.

But I would also like to focus on secondary factors like multiplying your contacts in the industry, talking to new people, and never saying no to any collaboration because you never know which is going to change your life.

Believe in yourself, always be grateful to your well-wishers and ignore the haters. Hate should only challenge you to rise farther above.

Never give up on your dreams and never let what the public says, seep into your head. Patience will get you success.

Jaborejob: How do you manage your time since you are multitasker?

Vishal Cv: I attend college in the mornings. I’m home by 1 and this is when I work on music composition and production.

I either perform shows or record covers for social media in the evenings. I think it is very important to keep yourself busy throughout the day.

Jaborejob: What would you suggest to youngsters who are passionate to do something in their life?

Vishal Cv: Youngsters today spend a lot of time in bars, parties, and so on. It is OK to party once in a while.

But it must not become a habit. Career comes above all. Spend time working on your skill and the rest must be done only if time permits. One must strive for success. Work hard today and reap your fruits tomorrow. Always be humble.

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