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VR Headsets Are Used By Russian Farmers To Increase Milk Production Of Cows

Russian Farmers are using Virtual Reality headset to improve cow’s milk production, are you shocked? even me!

We are now experimenting with technology even on cows, through VR Headsets the cows are shown a wealthy grassland with breezing air, by doing this the farmers are thinking setting a good mood can increase milk production, but do you agree? will this work?

I will say the cows don’t give more milk by following this method but indirectly increases milk production because the stress level decreases while the farmer takes the milk from them.

At present people are putting VR headset for cows but soon this technology will reach all over the world, in fact, I myself don’t have one, to be honest!

Recently a WhatsApp video got viral and most of the people come to know about this.

But this method has to be examined carefully because the VR headsets cannot be put every time, so once the farmer takes the milk he has to remove the headset, we don’t know how do the cows react because they notice a sudden change in the atmosphere within few minutes.

VR headsets are used to treat the people who have the fear of heights, through this device they will be shown the videos of high places suppose like the view from the top floor of the building, or a roller coaster ride, etc.

People feel as if they are in the real world and act accordingly but they are not real, from this method the fear of heights slowly reduces.

As if now in India, I personally believe there is no need of adopting this technology instead, there are plenty of grasslands are available, letting it go out in the field to get the mood is better than artificial arrangements.

But in the near future, we may have to adopt this method because of rapid urbanization taking place and it will be difficult to find grasslands too.


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