Whats App will finance 20 research teams to study the spread of misinformation around the world

Whats App will finance 20 research teams to study the spread of misinformation around the world

Whats App estimates that, 90% of the messages sent are for two people and the size of the groups is strictly limited, their goal is still to train the users and combat proactively the abuse.

Till now you were seeing crimes physically, now it spreaded even digitally, do you feel our future is secure through technology? No way the number of crimes increases, the tension increases and many new platforms raises to cheat the people.

So, what is the solution for it? In our opinion there must be laws and frames works for digital properties, certain predefined rules and regulations has to be created, already it’s too late.

The Government has to update with their mindset and work by updating the surrounding what’s happening in the country.

Still not over yet the Government can take measures with proper researching and planning, so that the effects can me minimized.

A few months after announcing the funding of research teams from around the world to combat misinformation, Whats App has announced awards to 20 research teams, each of which receives up to US $ 50,000 for their projects. .

The messaging platform, which has more than 200 million users in India alone, expects the studies to contribute to “understanding how misinformation is disseminated” and what additional steps it can take to create products and partnerships with India. civil society.

The misinformation spread through the platform has resulted in violence and even death in India in recent months.


Mrinalini Rao, chief researcher of Whats App, said the problem was a long-term challenge that needed to be addressed in partnership with others.

“These studies will help us take advantage of recent Whats App changes and support broad educational campaigns to keep people safe.”

This week, Whats App will welcome researchers to California so that product leaders can explain how Whats App builds our product.