Why Setting This Picture as Wallpaper Making Phone Crash

Why Setting This Picture as Wallpaper Making Phone Crash, BBC News, Twitter, Trending, Latest
Setting This Picture as Wallpaper Making Phone Crash

Many people on social media complaining that a picture with a lake and cloudy sunset is crashing their android phones when it is set as wallpaper, what is the reason?

This news was got our attention on BBC News, they have said that many brands including Samsung and Google’s Pixel affected by this.

We were able to see this twitter embed on their site so though to embed in this post so clicked on it but the post was showing some other image with the same text, the image is below from the Ice universe on Twitter.

Picture crashing phone latest news

Only when you click on this image you get the above image as shown, really confused??? even we are confused.

Ice Universe saying don’t try putting this as wallpaper and many people started trying, some saying their phone is not responding after putting this some are saying nothing happened to their phone after making as wallpaper. A comment made was got attention here as shown below.

BBC saying there is some bug in the color system of the phone that’s making the crash but lot of things here is weird because Ice Universe telling people not to make it wallpaper but they are providing original Picture link in their tweets and saying not to try but people are trying, Is this done only to promote themselves to get more followers? What do you think comment below!

What do you think?