Woman Punches Mountain Lion In An Attempt To Save Her Dog

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CALIFORNIA: A Woman Punches Mountain Lion In An Attempt To Save Her Dog in the Simi Valley, California. However, a woman who was severely injured by a lion attack and failed to save her pet.

We all love pets but just imagine a lion in front of you capturing your pet. You feel anger, fear all kinds of emotion and at last, you may try to make that lion run, but here this woman went into extreme love for her pet and hit the lion with her hand.

A local police officer told the media that the incident took place on December 5. The pet Malaki survived with minor injuries in the incident.

The woman was very impressed with the dog named Pamba. At 2 pm on the night of December 5, Pamba had warned her Malaki to leave. Then Pamba walked to the toilet and opened the door. Later, Malachi walked behind the toilet and saw the mountain lion on the hill.

Malaki, who had fallen into a fight with a lion, was bitten by a fist. She then tried to open the lion’s mouth. However, the dog was dragged into the backyard by a lion and dragged to the hillside.

The next morning, with the help of the police, Malaki accompanied her family and searched the hill lion by helicopter. However, no trace was found. The lion may have been hiding in the middle of the hill, police said. The woman is in tears when she finally loses her pet.

I understand the love towards pets, but you have to be careful while saving them from the cruel animals or else you will also lose your life.

These types of incidents normally happen near to mountains, and forests. So I request you if any of your pets are kept outside of your house at night bring them inside to be safer.

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