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Yashodhara Dasappa – Freedom Fighter & Served Karnataka Unification

Yashodhara Dasappa is an Indian social reformer, an activist, Gandhian, and a former minister for the state of Karnataka. She served as a minister under S. R. Kanthi (1962) and S. Nijalingappa (1969) and served to Indian National Congress.

Yashodhara Dasappa Information

  • Name: Yashodhara Dasappa
  • Born: 28 May 1905, Bengaluru
  • Died: 1980
  • Awards: Padma Bhushan
  • Education: Queen Mary’s College
  • Children: Tulasidas Dasappa

Birth and Personal Life

Yashodhara Dasappa was born to K.H.Ramaiah, a well-known social worker on 28th May 1905 in Bangalore. She was a student of London Mission School and Queen Mary’s College, Madras. Despite being from a well-known family, Yashodara chose to become a social activist and join in India’s Freedom Struggle. Yashodhara married H.C Dasappa who served under Jawaharlal Nehru and has a younger son named Tulasidas Dasappa.

Role in Freedom Movement and her Political Career

Yashodhara Dasappa was known to be an activist and active member of many movements concentrated towards India’s Freedom. She was an activist for the Forest Satyagraha Movement which resulted in the imprisonment of over 1200 people. She also partook in Vidurashwatha satyagraha which was held on April 25, 1938, in this satyagraha Yashodara participated and was then jailed for participation. In this event, over 35 people were killed in police firing. 

Yashodhara’s home was a meeting point of many freedom fighters as she was known to provide aggressive speeches against the government. One particular speech where she protested against the government when they decided to name a building after Hamilton who was known for brutality against the freedom fighters is revered upon.

She was politically inclined to Indian National Congress (INC) where she was a political member and a senior minister under Nijalingappa. She was the first woman to become a cabinet minister in Karnataka. While serving for the Government of Karnataka, she made news by resigning from the post in protest against the lifting of prohibition in the state of Karnataka in the year 1969.

She has been awarded Padma Bhushan for her contribution to society. 


Yashodhara Dasappa died in the year 1980 and was serving for Karnataka unification and Indian freedom struggle until the end of her life.

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