YouTube Adds a New Feature Bedtime Reminder to the Mobile App

YouTube Adds a New Feature Bedtime Reminder to the Mobile App, New Youtube Feature, Latest News on Youtube, Trending News
YouTube - Bedtime Reminder Feature to the Mobile App

When the Pandemic started video streaming platform YouTube got more attention along with the Gio network usage, now released a new update this week with a new feature for users. The function called bedtime reminder will be available for Android and iOS users, available to everyone in a few days.

This new feature is part of YouTube’s screen time and wellness tools. Thanks to this functionality, platform users will be able to limit their viewing time by setting a specific time to stop watching videos and go to bed.

YouTube also says, “You set the start and end times in your settings, including whether or not you want to interrupt a video or wait for the video to end.” You can also ignore or suspend the reminder.”

With most people staying at home due to the pandemic, YouTube feels the need to control its usage limits. And YouTube says it has sent out 3 billion “take a break” reminders in the past two years. Digital well-being is at the heart of Android and it is obvious that Google will spread it in all its products.

A few days back, YouTube released a new change where the 720p option was no longer available. This has led to a debate among Internet users, who now question the meaning of the high definition. For the record, 720p quality is still widely considered to be the most consumed quality. This is done because Pandemic internet connection is slow hence, 480p is the max limit YouTube set and they may be changed after this pandemic or if users like there is a chance to continue the same.