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Chethan M

A person with very energetic and curious to learn new things every single time, he is non-other than CHETHAN M, He is the one who has got not just one single degree, he has done BBM, MBA, VFX, apart from these he has done many other things like getting into certification courses like Stock Market, Tally, Digital Marketing and much more.. even was preparing for UPSC exam at one point of time.

Where ever he goes, he looks like he is a very silent person but the fact is he knows “Handling Timing and Situation and creating Opportunities in every aspect” better than other people make a difference, and his maturity level is very high only we can see only when he wishes to show off.

His impact will make the contact with top management with his passion, creativity, honesty, and good relationship which intern helps him in his difficulties.


His Vision is to Make his parents proud of him by doing good things in society and making [www.jaborejob.com] an authority website for all buzzing things to educate and entertain which helps millions of people with quality content.

What next?

Till now whatever he learned and gathered good contacts, which somehow create opportunities every time, will wait and watch…