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Was Coca-Cola Originally Green in Color?

Coca-Cola or Coke as it is generally called is an aerated soft drink that was marketed as a temperance drink and was intended to be a medicine. It was discovered in the late 19th century by John Stith Pemberton and was bought by businessman Asa Griggs Candler whose tactics in marketing led to becoming one of the leading Soft Drinks worldwide. The drink was named from Coca leaves and Kola nuts and even today we call it so, the recipe of Coco-cola remains a trade secret.

The company has released various coco-cola flavors such as Caffeine-free coco-cola, diet coke, diet coke caffeine-free, coco-cola zero sugar, Coco cola cherry, mango, life, vanilla, Citra, and many others over the years.

The drink has been the same since inception with changes in some of the details, however, there has been a popular myth that the coco-cola was initially green in color.

But as per my research, the original formula for the drink had caramel which gave the coco-cola rich brown color and the recipe has undergone tad bit changes for over the years but the color of the drink has remained the same.

The scientist who invented the coco-cola formula knew that the color brown hides impurities in any given batch kept that in mind as he proceeded with his formulation. Back in the days when the drink was manufactured if something had been dropped inadvertently into the mix it would have not been identified. But, nowadays the syrup producers and bottles have no impurities to hide. 

So why would people think that Coca-Cola was green in color initially?

In early times, Coke bottles used to be green in color, and perhaps that explains the reason why the rumor had begun.

To clarify the rumor, Coco-Cola said that “This is indeed just a rumor. Although the famous contour bottle is green, Coca-Cola has always been brown in color, since its start in 1886.”

Hence, this myth is not true that the popular soft drink which is sold in over 200 countries was not green in color when it began.

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