Monorail Invention, How Monorail Works, Monorail in India, history of monorail, Monorail information

Monorail Invention (1825)

Initially, Monorail was invented to carry raw materials and agricultural products, there was the opportunity to carry passengers as well, it was implemented later. Palmer builds a single-track railway, for...
How to Limit How Long Google Keeps Your Data, Google's new auto-delete privacy feature

How to Limit How Long Google Keeps Your Data

The security and privacy of GOOGLE are critical to the launch of this year's I / O developer conference in Mountain View, California, on Tuesday. Google said that "security...
Arakan Forest Turtle, endangered species, forest turtles

Arakan Forest Turtle

Arakan Forest Turtle is one of the most endangered species on the earth, and it is a semi-terrestrial turtle which lives both on land and water. The researchers came to the...
Tennis Basics, tennis, begining tennis

Tennis Basics : Learn The Fundamentals of Tennis

For those of you who are considering becoming a tennis professional or simply interested in the basics of tennis, this article is informative for you. It is a good idea...
How Technology has Transformed Education, how technology changes future education

How Technology has Transformed Education

Technology has always been one of the most powerful driving forces behind different sectors, and education is certainly one of them. As mobile phones and high-speed Internet access have become...
image size reducer in kb, image size reducer online, image size reducer, image optimization, image compression, reduce jpeg file size to 2 kb

Best Image Size Reducer Online- Free Image Optimization Tools For Compression

Image Size Reducer - Do you want to Compress and optimize the images for your website/blog to load faster? Do you want the right place where you can get...
International Basketball Rules And Regulations

International Basketball Rules And Regulations

Basketball is a sport played by 12-15 members, but only 5 players each team are allowed to go inside the court at a time and play the game. Others...
A Golf Coach Is Important If You Want To Improve Your Game, why golf coach is needed, golf coach

A Golf Coach Is Important If You Want To Improve Your Game

Why would someone need a Golf Coach when most famous golfers developed their game by themselves? And then, would a golf coach take off all the fun out of...
Fountain Pen Invention, history of fountain pen, who invented fountain pen, fountain pen price

Fountain Pen Invention (1827)

From the ancient times, we were using the pen with bird feather dipped in the ink every time to continue writing, but with the new Fountain Pen invention, the...
Braille Invention, Braille history, who invented Braille, Braille Information;

Braille Invention (1824)

Today many of us even though we have all the organs working properly we hesitate to read and build our career in a better way, but the blind people wanted to...

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First World War (1914 – 1918)

The First World War, also known as World War 1, is an international conflict held on 1914-18, led to most European nations, Russia, the...
Powers and Functions of Lok Sabha; what is lok Sabha

Powers and Functions of Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha or the House of the People is the lower house of the Parliamentary system of India. The members of Lok Sabha are...
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Top 10 Prestigious National Awards in India

Each country appreciates and recognizes the efforts of its citizens likewise India also identify and grant them different categories of rewards. The rewards are honored...
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National Emergency in India (1962-1977)

Do you know why was Emergency in India took place in 1975, India is the World's Biggest Democracy, which has given the fundamental rights in...