Listicles Temples in Udupi

Temples in Udupi


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Udupi is one of the few pilgrimage centers that, over the centuries, has tried to preserve the Vedic heraldic culture and Vedantic philosophy of India, as well as the Sanskrit learning and teaching foundation.

List Of Famous Temples In Udupi District, Karnataka


1. Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi

2. Ermalu Janardhana Temple, Ermalu

3. Venugopalakrishna, Kabettu, Karkala

4. Vishnu Murthi, Ajekaru

5. Vishnumurthi, Heranje, Mala

6. Gopalakrishna Bennekudru, Barkur

7. Hovina Kere Mata Chennakeshava

8. Venkataramana Paduthirupathi, Karkala

9. Venkataramana Temple, Udupi, Barkur and Brammavar

10. Venkataramanakashimata, Kota, Basrur, Padukeri

11. Perdur Anantha Padamanaba Temple, Perdur

12. Hebri Anantha Padmanaba Temple, Hebri

13. Anantha Padmanaba, Karkala

14. Agrahara Vishnumurthi Temple Brammavar

15. Kashi Math Ramachandra Temple, Basrur

16. Kanangi Srinivas Temple, Hermunde

17. Anantha Shayana Temple, Karkala

18. Manipal Venugopal Temple, Manipal

19. Pandeshwara Thirthadabailu

20. Hiriyadka Veerabadra Temple, Hiriyadka

21. Barkur Virabhadra Temple, Barkur

22. Karkala Virabadra Temple, Karkala

23. Balarama Temple, Vadabandeshwara, Malpe

24. BapuThota Temple, Malpe

25. Herur Vishnumurthi Temple, Herur

26. Mani Chennakeshva, Gundmi

27. Parmpalli Vishnu Murthi Temple

28. Karkada Janardana Temple

29. Kellaputtige Vittala Temple

30. Sri Venkataramana Temple, Kurndapur

31. Kashi Math Krishna Temple. Kota

32. VishnuMurthi Temple, Mattukatpadi

33. Vishnumurthi, Main believing god, Herga, SettiBettu

34. Yerlapadi Karval Vishnumurthi Temple

35. Mahathobhara Vishnumurthi Temple, Shirva, Udupi

36. Vishnumurthi, Moodu Alevooru, Udupi


1. Anegude Ganapathi Temple, Anegudde

2. Hattiangadi Ganesh Temple, Hattiangadi

3. Gudettu Ganapathi, Gudettu

4. Pernakila Udbava Ganapathi, Pernakila

5. Sawkoor Ganapathi, Sawkoor

6. Gundmi Pathala Ganapathi, Gundmi

7. Bellada Ganapathi Kota, Bellada

8. Giliyaru Ganesh Temple, Giliyaru

9. Padubidri Mahaganapathi Temple, Padubidri

10. Bala Ganapathi Padubidri, Padubidri

11. Badgu Maha Ganapathi, Alangaru. Udyavra


1. Laxmi Ravalanatha Temple, Udupi

2. Laxmi Janardhana Mahakali Temple, Ambalapadi, Udupi.

3. Mahalaxmi Temple, Bhadrakali God, Uchila, Udupi

4. Laxmi Narayana Temple, Barkur

5. Mahalaxmi Temple, Kariyualu, Nallur, Karkala

6. Laxmi Narayana, Thrasi Mata, Thrasi

7. Laxmi Janardhana Temple, Kapu

8. Chempi Laxmi Venkataramana Temple, Chempi


1. Mookambika Temple, Kollur

2. Durga Parameshwari Temple, Bellmannu.

3. Mudaru Durgaparameshwari Temple, Mudaru, Bajagoli.

4. Uppunda Durga Temple, Uppunda.

5. Kamalashile Brahmi Durga Parameshwari Temple, Kamalashile

6. Kadiyali Mahisha Mardhini Temple, Kadiyali, Udupi

7. Indrani Durge, Indrali, Udupi.

8. Bylooru Mahisha Mardhini Temple, Udupi.

9. Mahalaxmi Temple, Barkur.

10. Hingula Devi, Barkur.

11. Kanarpadi Durgalaya, Udupi.

12. Puttur Durga Temple, Upupi.

13. Durgaparameshwari Temple, Kunjarugiri.

14. Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Mandarthi.

15. Kodyadka Annapoorneshwari, Karkala Taluk.

16. Durga Bagavathi Temple, Neelavara.

17. Sri Sharadamba Temple, Udupi.

18. Barkur Kalikamba Temple, Barkur.

19. Kalikamba Temple, Karkala.

20. Varamballi Durga Parameshwari Temple, Varamballi.

21. Jaladurga Temple, Thellaru.

22. Durga Parameshwari Temple, Nitte.

23. Durgaparameshwari Temple, Bantakallu, Shirva.

24. Sawkoor Durgaparameshwari

25. Moodabidri Ammanavara Temple, Moodabidri

26. Padukerya Temple

27. Durga Parameshwari Temple, Kukundur

28. Gowri Temple, Modabidri

29. Mahadevi Temple, Jodukatte

30. Sri Durga Parmeshwari Temple, Nandikuru

31. Sri Durgaparameshwari (Ullaldi) Temple, Eruvailu

32. Bagalahadi Ganga Bhagirathi Sannidhana Siddiksethra, Handottu, Kota


1. Kroda Shankaranarayana Temple, Krodashrama

2. Holy Shankaranarayana

3. Mandavi Shankara Narayana, Mandavi

4. Belpe Shankaranarayana, Belpe

5. Udupi Shankaranarayana, Udupi

6. Mani Shankaranarayana Temple, Sasthana

7. Shankara Narayana Temple, Shankaranarayana

8. Harihara Temple, Anegudde

9. Harihara Temple, Durga, Thallaru


1. Shambushyleshwara Temple, Udyavara.

2. Markandeshwara Temple, Barkur

3. Thare Gude Temple, Bannanje

4. Kantheshwara Temple,Kanthawara, Karkala

5. Koteshwara Kotilingeshwara Temple, Koteshwara.

6. Dvjeshwara Temple, Koteshwara.

7. Shivapurashankara Temple

8. Somanatheshwara Temple, Puthige

9. Mahalingeshwara Temple, Kervashe

10. Giliyaru Mahalingeshwara Temple, Giliyaru

11. Mannur Shivalaya, Mannur

12. Thungaramata, Sasthreshwara, Sasthana

13. Kudrugodu Bramahalingeshwara, Kundapur Taluk, Koteshwara

14. Kundeshwara Temple, Kundapur

15. Chandramouwlishwara, Udupi

16. Anantheshwara, Udupi

17. Sayneshwara, Bynadoor

18. Mahathobara Mahalingeshwara Hire Temple, Kota, Maranakatte

19. Brahmalingeshwara. Guheshwara, Gujjadi

20. Basrur Adhintheshwara, Basrur

21. Meyaru Mahalingeshwar

22. Thluveshwara,Basrur, Kundapur

23. Mahalingeshwara Mahaganapathi Temple, Parkala, Udupi

24. Shiva temple, Saralebettru, Manipal

25. Kidiyooru Temple, Udupi

26. Kumbashi Eshwara Temple, Kumbashi, Anegudde

27. Hattiangadi Lokanatha

28. Gudettu Shiva Temple

29. Alsaymatada Somanatheshwara

30. Kiri Manjeshwara Temple

31. Bola Mruthyunjaya Temple, Bola, Karkala Taluk

32. Bettaki Bayari Temple

33. Ganganadu Mahadeva

34. Sri Vishwanatha Kshetra, Katapady

35. Mahalingeshwara Moodabettu, Katpadi, Udupi

36. Shivati Keri ShivaTemple, Anekeri Hiriyangadi, Karkala

37. Parappadi Temple, Nallur, Karkala

38. Perampalli Temple, Udupi Taluk

39. Aleyuru Temple, Udupi

40. Nakareshwara (Mahalingeshwara), Barsrur

41. Vaddrse Shivalaya

42. Mahalingeshwara, Pillarkhan


1. Guru Basadi, Karkala

2. Mudaru Appayi Ananthanatha Swami Padmavathi Ammanavaru, Bajagoli

3. Aliooru Basadi

4. Yervathur Basadi

5. Nelikaru Ananthaswami

6. Nallur Parshwanatha Swami Basadi

7. Koshmadini Ammanavaru

8. Chende Basadi, Nellikaru

9. Shirlalu Basadi

10. Ajekaru Adishwara Basadi

11. Hattiyangadi Chandranath Basadi

12. Suralu Basadi

13. Basdipadbu Hejamadi Basadi

14. Varanga Basadi

15. Bajarkala Basadi, Mudaru Grama

16. Kervashe Basadi

17. Barkur Basadi

18. Shirthadi Basadi

19. Mala Kote Basadi.and Renjala, Yermalu, Noiralabettu, Yedhkantav, Valpadi,

20. Panapil palace, Abbnabettu Mudaru, Byndur.


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