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10 Best Co-working Spaces In India

Co-working spaces are smoothly designed for sharing workspaces. It offers a hub to startups and companies with office-like amenities, including private meeting rooms, hot-desks, cleaning staff service, Meditation room, better internet connectivity,  and so on.

 Currently Co-working Spaces are spreading across the country widely.

Several startups along with the increasing number of businesses prefer Co-working Spaces to conventional offices due to its numerous advantages on reasonable rent. Here is the list of the 10 best Co-working Spaces in India.

1. INNOV8 Coworking Space, Mumbai

10 Best Co-working Spaces In India, INNOV8 Coworking Space, Mumbai

INNOV8 comes with various unique lifestyles in its community. This unique Coworking Space is situated at Vikhroli West, Mumbai. INNOV8 provides you special cabins to facilitate new communications as well as creating products.

It is specially designed for corporations equipped with Whiteboard, Noise-Proof Cabins, and High-speed internet to offer a working environment to the businesses. The meeting rooms of it are perfectly designed to conduct the meeting of business reviews as well as the interview.


  • Unique Common Areas facility
  • 24 hours High-speed internet services
  • Cleaning services
  • Onside Staff Services
  • CCTV Cameras facilities, and more

2. WeWork Co-working Space, Mumbai

WeWork Co-working Space, Mumbai, 10 Best Co-working Spaces In India

WeWork is leading as one of the topmost Co-working Spaces in India. This ideal Co-house brings 16 floors of professional co-working space with personal offices for you. It will be efficacious for a startup to experience a dynamic work environment here. BKC provides flexible options including dedicated desks along with hot- desks for large professionals as well as small startups.


  • Ideal Common Areas facility
  • High-speed Internet service
  • Business-class printers facility
  • Event space facility
  • Meeting rooms advantage, and more

3. 91 Springboard Co-working Space, Pune

91 Springboard Co-working Space, Pune, 10 Best Co-working Spaces In India
91 Springboard

91 Springboard is one of the topmost outstanding Co-working Spaces in India located at Yerwada, Pune. It has the capability to provide seats for over 1,200 members along with access to critical business centers.

The Springboard Coworking Space is specifically designed for businesses, freelancers, and startups. Organizations may keep their office activities comfortable as well as enjoyable by using a suite provided by the Co-house, and it helps them to grow.


  • High-speed Internet
  • Limpid Open workspaces
  • Tech-supporting Conference Room facility
  • Personal Cabins
  • Pay per use Plan facility
  • Excellent Setup, and more

4. Spring House Coworking Space, New Delhi

Spring House Coworking Space, New Delhi, 10 Best Co-working Spaces In India
Spring House

Spring House Coworking Space is situated at Janakpuri, New Delhi. It is one of the major Coworking Spaces in India which comes with equipped private cabins and offers printing and mail services to clients. It is designed with a creative mindset.

Individuals and small businesses may get the opportunity to hire this ideal Co-house for their business activities. Through the Day Access Pass Plan, you may fully use all the amenities of this extraordinary Coworking Space.


  • Biometric ability
  • Best Interest service
  • Printing as well as Scanning services
  • In-house Pantry
  • Mail handling services
  • Power Backup and more

5. IndiQube Coworking Space, Noida

IndiQube Coworking Space, Noida,10 Best Co-working Spaces In India

Among the Coworking Spaces in India IndiQube has gained eminence due to its extraordinary infrastructure. It is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is created specifically for growing startups along with businesses.

The most significantly designed Co-house offers you various amenities, such as Business Telephone System, incubation and business center, call-out maintenance services, and more.


  • Multi-cuisine food court facility
  • Mailroom facility
  • Visitor Parking place
  • Comfortable Store pick-up Counter
  • Sickbay and Doctor-on-call service, and so on

6. Skootr Coworking Space, Gurugram

Skootr Coworking Space, Gurugram, 10 Best Co-working Spaces In India

Skootr is one of the well-known Coworking companies in India. It is located at Gurugram, Haryana with being close to National Highway 8 which makes it stand out among other Coworking Spaces in India.

Skootr comes to meet the increasing demands of businesses. This unique Workspace helps companies to personalize their brand values in the market.


  • 24 hours High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Extraordinary Furniture
  • Conference Room
  • Reception & Staff Services
  • Office Maintenance services
  • Printing facility, and more

7. Awfis Coworking Space, Bangalore

Awfis Coworking Space, Bangalore, 10 Best Co-working Spaces In India

Awfis is situated in Bangalore. It is Bangalore’s industrial and commercial hot spot. This Coworking Space has easy access from all the principal areas. It comes with premium cabins along with fixed desk spaces that provide a pin-up board and pedestal storage facility. You can get access to Awfis Coworking Space only through NFC-based access cards.

You will be provided hi-tech infrastructure facilities, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, Video Conference, Video Projection, and more.


  • Meeting Lounge facility
  • Printing Services
  • Collaboration Zone
  • Parking place
  • CCTV Coverage, and more

8. Cowrks Coworking Space, Hyderabad

Cowrks Coworking Space, Hyderabad, 10 Best Co-working Spaces In India

Cowrks is one of the famous Coworking Business Complexes in India. It is beautifully designed both for startups and businesses. Being situated in Hyderabad it offers enterprises a suitable hub to customize their business requirements.

These dynamic Coworking Spaces are created, especially for small companies, startups, and freelancers to provide complete privacy to maintain their office activities peacefully.


  • Super Lounges facilities
  • Secure Printing
  • Phone booths facilities
  • Mail and package handling, and more

9. Hive Coworking Space, Chennai

Hive Coworking Space, Chennai, 10 Best Co-working Spaces In India

Hive Coworking Space is located at Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai. This uniquely designed Co-house brings access for professionals, startups, and businesses to entertainment and hospitality.

Hive provides you with a transparent space in a shared Workspace alongside a totally furnished personal cabin. It’s an extraordinarily featured customized office that offers a freedom and comfortable environment for businesses to grow.


  • Common meeting room facilities
  • Hi-speed Internet services
  • Phone booth services
  • Game Lounge facility
  • Printing Services, and so on

10. Smartworks Coworking Space, Bangalore

Smartworks Coworking Space, Bangalore, 10 Best Co-working Spaces In India

The location of Smartworks Coworking Space is Bellandur, Bangalore. It is one of the best emerging Coworking Spaces in India. Nature-friendly Smartworks is designed for Startups and Small Companies to provide better connectivity to all parts of the city.

It is made with modern facilities which makes it unique and ideal for other Coworking Spaces. It is determined to provide a convenient atmosphere to Startups for raising their business.


  • Meeting Rooms
  • Phone booth service
  • Medical room facility
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Cleaning staff service
  • Courier service, and more

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