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10 Best Female Superheroes of all Time

While we provided the list of top 10 superheroes, women are not far behind in the list.

So here are the top 10 female superheroes according to us. The list may vary with your list, however, we are not biased and we cannot cover everyone in this list hope you understand.

1. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel was so strong that Avengers had to keep her away during their fight with Thanos.

Captain Marvel’s real name is Captain Carol Danvers gained her abilities when she was caught in the blast of radioactive energy. She also has a cosmic sense where she can get to know the trouble before it begins. In 2019, Captain Marvel by MCU made it in theatres where the lead is portrayed by Brie Larson.

2. Wonder Woman

One of the strongest female superheroes is Wonder Woman. She was granted superhuman strength by the Goddess of Earth. She is stronger than Hercules, and considered himself one of the strongest of the Greek gods. 

Wonder woman is one of the founding members of the Justice League and can fight with Superman. Wonder Woman movie was released by DC and the lead was portrayed by Gal Gadot.

3. SuperGirl

She is said to be the cousin of Superman and she started out on a thought, but Super Girl is also capable of capabilities possessed by Superman.

Supergirl showcases feminine qualities rather than Superman being a masculine character. Softer in her approach, she’s often given more emotional stories where she’s in a moral quandary. 

There is a TV Series based on Supergirl which has good reviews.

4. Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, may not possess superhuman powers like her fellow avengers. But she possesses the brain after working in many spy organizations which are unique compared to the rest.

Additionally, she is a master of martial arts. Although she tends to use various weapons and high-tech gadgets worthy of Iron Man’s approval, her real weapon is her body.

5. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch should be on the list as she possesses various varieties of power. However compared to comic books, Avengers movies have showcased only the little amount of power that Scarlet Witch possesses.

In the comics, she’s able to rebuild reality as we know it in order to suit her own desires. And she does this with just a bit of fury, minimal concentration, and uttering three little words.

6. Jessica Jones

As a teenager, Jessica Jones was exposed to radioactive elements during an accident that made her lose her family. She later went into a coma, later she went into an adoptive home where she learned the mixing of chemicals which gave her superhuman strength and durability.

She has incredible strength and she can lift many heavyweight objects. However, in Netflix Series with the same name, she has shown weaker powers but she is still strong than normal human beings.  

7. The White Queen

Emma Frost aka The White Queen is possessed with telekinetic powers that allow her to create hallucinations in other people’s minds. She can also understand exactly what anyone is thinking as long as she is in close enough proximity to them. 

We have seen her power in the movie X-Men: First Class, where she proves to be a beneficial skill as she can easily manipulate and distract her opponents.

8. Shuri

When the Black Panther movie was released apart from the main role, Shuri the sister of T’Challa grabbed everyone’s eye with her wit, and her way to create bodysuits and armor. Apart from being an inventor, she is a great scientist who helps keep Wakanda safe from intruders.

9. Jean Grey

One of the most powerful characters from X-Men is Jean Grey. She is exceptionally talented when using her sometimes unpredictable telekinetic and telepathic powers. She has a mutant ability on par with that of Professor Charles Xavier. With her telekinetic power, she can move anything with her mind.

10. Gamora

Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy is an orphan in an alien world and she wants to make up for her past crimes by being a personal assistant to Thanos. The character Gamora is very lethal but what saves her is the same thing that dooms her.

She has a sense of righteousness. She is played by actress Zoe Saldana in the movies and she insisted that her character is in Green color and not by effects.

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