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10 Famous Last Words Spoken by Great People Before They Died

Friends, every living being on this planet who is born will die but at a different time for different reasons. Death will not leave anyone, it may be a beggar or the richest person in the world.

We remember only a few people even after their death because they live meaningful life and impact millions of people. We call them as celebrities or great people, today I am going to share the last words spoken by the great people before they died.

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1. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is the one who faced many problems in life, and who sacrificed their entire life for us, he went to jail, opposed the British with truth and non-violence, inspired millions of people to participate in the freedom movement, and at last, left his breath bringing freedom to our country hence called him as “Mahatma” or “Father of our Nation”.

Gandhiji’s last words were – Hey Ram!

2. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was born in America but got fans worldwide for his songs and dance mainly the moonwalk. He lived his entire life for music and dance as his goal to entertain people by giving performances on the stage and in movies.

Even for him success did not come overnight he faced many rejections and problems in his life but he stood one step ahead pushing all those aside and focusing on his career.

Michael Jackson’s last words were – Please Give me more

3. Bob Marley

Bob Marley is a Jamaican singer-songwriter, born to a poor family, and was less interested in studies and was passionate about songwriting and singing.

He became famous after he wrote an album containing 4 songs then there was no turnback for him but a day came in his life in 1976, got to know he got skin cancer. His last words to the children were from his own experience.

Bob Marley’s last words were – Money can’t buy life

4. Nostradamus

Nostradamus was from the 15th century, a famous French astrologer. He is well known for his future predictions, many of his predictions have happened exactly as he has written but some didn’t happen anyway still many people believe his predictions even today.

He was suffering from a disease called Dhat, interestingly what you need to know is the prediction of his own death by telling his secretary with the last words below.

Nostradamus’s last words were – You will not find me at Sunrise

5. Abdul Kalam

Abdul Khan who dreamed of India being a great nation, also worked towards it as a scientist, politician, writer, and teacher. He has been awarded the topmost national awards for his achievements such as Padma Bhushan Award, Padma Vibhushan Award, Bharat Ratna, and many more.

In 2015, when he was lecturing at the Indian Institute of Management Shillong collapsed from a cardiac arrest and died. Before his death, he told Srijan Pal Singh with a smile (helper to kalam) as below.

Abdul Kalam’s last words were – Funny guy! Are you doing well?

6. Kishore Kumar

If you are a song lover then you cannot miss knowing about Kishore Kumar. As a multi-lingual versatile singer, he attracted millions of people through his songs in the movies. Apart from singing, he was also a versatile character in his profession and worked as an actor, music director, writer, director, and producer, working in almost all the fields in the movie industry.

Interestingly his last song which was not released when he was alive was sold at a price of 15,60,000. In 1987, he felt uneasy so when his family tried to call a doctor he said the below line, and that was his last word.

Kishore Kumar’s last words were – I’m alright. But if you call a doctor, I’ll have a real heart attack!

7. Steve Jobs

Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Company who provided the best quality products to the market such as i Phones, i Pods, etc He was the person who inspires me every time when I read his motivational quote “Stay hungry. Stay foolish“.

He doesn’t like to waste time, and hence he worked hard day and night to achieve success. He became a successful person within a short period of time but to continue his health didn’t support he was suffering from cancer, but he had the satisfaction of his life, and his last words are proof of it.

Steve Job’s last words were – Oh Wow. Oh Wow.Oh Wow

8. Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan came from a village background and was interested in Cricket, he played in many tournaments and got selected for the CK nayudu tournament but he lost the opportunity because he was not having the money to participate.

In later days, he had an interest in acting, and even his uncle was a theatre artist so with his help he got the chance to act and grow through big movies. But bad luck he had a Neuroendocrine tumor, even after the treatment it was no use so we lost him recently. His last words will make us all tears, he remembers his late mother.

Irrfan Khan’s last words were – Amma has come to take me

9. Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi is an amazing political leader as we have seen in the country, many people come from a political family background but fail in their duties and responsibilities but Indira Gandhi took politics to the next level after her father Nehru resulted in people calling her “Iron Lady of India”.

She had brought many schemes which helped the people to overcome poverty. The last words told to her gunmen, here tragedy is they only shot her and killed her.

Indira Gandhi’s last words were – Namaste

10. Rajkumar

Rajkumar is a sandalwood actor well known for his simplicity even after becoming a star actor in the industry, he took the leadership of Gokak Chaluvali which was the fight for saving the language. He got many awards, a doctorate, and much more…

He has fans not only in Karnataka he has been loved in Bollywood. Once he was in big news when a decoit Veerappan kidnapped him and later released. One day in 2006 after he finished his regular walk and made a general checkup of his health, after one hour he sat on the sofa and told the last words to their family and collapsed suddenly. Later he was admitted to the hospital but within a few hours, he was no more.

Rajkumar’s last words were – Slow down the fan

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