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10 Things Employee Do To Impress Their Boss

Over the past many years, we have seen many people who started young have grown to be a manager or ahead of the team very early. It might be due to their hard work, and dedication, and also some would be doing smart work and growing quickly in the team.

However, some people tend to impress their boss and quickly grow within the team, and here are 10 such things that employees do to be in their boss’s good books.

10. Arrive Early and Leave Late From the Office

Work timing is one of the major things which the superiors notice when you join the office newly. We have seen many instances where punctuality is one of the matters which is considered while giving a promotion and surely your job offer letter says 9:00 – 17:00 hrs is your work timing, but coming early and leaving late is preferred more.

Also, extending office hours can also reduce work-related stress as you have the flexibility to complete pending and new work assigned.

9. Take Initiative in Business Meetings

Surely, Business meetings are the place where every important aspect of one’s business is discussed with the team and we get to know many pros and cons.

If you started new then, you might sit at the back of the meeting and overhear what your seniors are speaking, taking a lead in this business will help you a lot to get recognized that your immediate boss might think of this during the team meeting with his seniors and suggest your name into consideration for next promotion cycle.

8. Being Proactive and Working with Other Teams and Colleagues

Be active, and be ready to help others when in need, this will help you to get noticed not only by your immediate boss but also by the team manager with whom you have worked too.

Being proactive and helping other teams creates a good impression as when your boss asks for the work ethic of the team which you have helped, if given good reviews then you will be considered for promotion easily. Also a bonus, you might be first considered if any additional work is required from the team which you have helped.

7. Work Consistent

Yes, you might tend to take frequent breaks during your work time. But if you are working throughout the day and completing the assigned work on time then yes, your boss will be impressed with your work and will consider giving you interesting projects when it comes across you.

And when these projects get completed within the given amount of time, then yes you will be a perfect candidate for a new project and also your name keeps popping up for every such project.

6. Positive Body Language

Having positive body language like standing up straight, and having eye contact with your manager suggests that you are positive and confident about the work that are provided to you. However, do not be a creep when you are overdoing it, a simple subtle way of having a positive work attitude will help you.

5. Never Say NO!

You might have heard that bosses like to hear the word ‘YES’ and they do not like to hear the word ‘NO’. Be a person who takes most of the interesting work assigned and completes it with little to no mistakes. If you keep rejecting the work and delaying it, it will create a bad impression on your boss and you might not be considered immediate or in the next promotion cycle.

4. Speak Up to Your Boss for a Promotion

Speaking up about the promotion is one of the major things you need to do as all work and no promotion means one can feel left out, also speaking up will also help you in finding out what mistakes you are doing so that you can correct them and be a model employee for others.

Be confident when you are approaching your boss and speak about the promotion calmly before that also highlights your work and tasks completed which has uplifted the team. This will help your boss consider your name when the promotion cycle comes up.

3. Dress Punctual

Some places require casual dressing, however, a clear crisp dress is a must required when you are at a workplace. This is because the first impression will be the best impression and when the first impression will be hampered then your fate might depend on the boss to whom you will be reporting.

Although now the companies are shifting to casual work attire, the best thing is to wear formal business attire which makes you stand apart from the rest.

2. Learn Your Mistakes

Yes, as a new employee, mistakes are committed by anyone and everyone, but learning from the mistakes is what makes you stand apart from the rest.

Take your time, listen to the mistakes that were committed, and also try to correct them the next time when you take up the same work and try to complete it with zero errors which says that you have learned from the mistakes. Also, if you commit any mistake try to be honest and don’t try to cover up the mistake.

1. Be Organised

A clean desk, an organized work system, and a clean desktop homepage will impress your boss. Working in an unorganized, haphazard, and shabby workplace is a big No-No as this will not help you to be in good books.

Instead, take your time, clean up the place before leaving and arrange the place when you come back to work so that it will help you to be in your boss’s consideration.

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