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10 Things That Only Indians Can Do

India is a country of fascinating ancient stories and colorful culture. But sometimes most Indians ignore the creative, weird, funny, and unusual things that they can do. Many Indians are willing to go abroad (Especially to the US and UK) to experience the fun things that they would be able to do there.

On the world map, India is the only country that gives so much courtesy to each other and could be a friend easily. And when a friend’s group meets together there could happen crazy, innovative things. Here, we have discussed such crazy 10 things that only Indians can do.

There are many such things in India you can do easily and if you are planning for the abroad shift, then you gonna miss these things.

1. Hanging from Trains

Hanging from Trains, India

Indian Railway tracks by length come in the 4th position in the world and most people in India travel by train daily as it is affordable, time-saving, and the simplest way to travel. There is hardly anyone in India who has not traveled by train.

Indian Platforms remain congested and the Local trains are very much crowded that if you get a healthy place to stand then you are lucky (Don’t even think about having to sit). Unless you hang from the door, you can’t reach your destination. Only Indians can travel in such a hustle way.

2. Bhaiya Thoda Aur (Please give me extra)

Bhaiya Thoda Aur, India

Indians always love to have an extra thing for which they don’t have to pay whether it is in the vegetable market, stall of panipuri (Indian street food), or in a sweet store.

This is the art of all Indians they ask shamelessly for some additional veggies (Like Dhaniya or Mirchi) in the market, and in the street food shops for the extra one. Until they haven’t got the extra they don’t feel satisfied after shopping.

3. Dragging the whole world into the Tea-Shop

Dragging the whole world into the Tea-Shop, Only Indians Can Do

Making friends is an art and Indians are masters of it, as friendliness is in our blood I know you have at least one friend from the assembly of a tea stall. In tea shops in India, people come and gather together gossiping and having great fun. In cities, this can be noticed less because people are busy but in rural and remote places you can see.

In their gossip, they bring up all the topics whether it is funny or serious things of society or nation. In their discussion, they give their wise opinions and solutions. So, it is popularly said that you can find any problem’s solution from a tea-shop discussion.

4. ‘Jugadu’ Indian (use anything in the best way)

Jugadu Indian, 10 Things That Only Indians Can Do

Indian people are against wasting anything and they use many things that people from other countries can’t even think of. We always try to buy anything at a low price as much as possible and there we have the art of Bargaining. Once we have liked anything we make it in our budget by our super trick. That’s why we Indians love to go to our Street Markets more than Malls.

Indian people can survive in very worse conditions also because they can find opportunities in any condition. We, Indians use all things until it hasn’t been utilized fully. We do this by rolling or cutting the paste, any cream pouch, and many other things.

In these ways, we make the ‘Jugads’ (utilize the things) that are hard for others.

5. Indian mother’s love by ‘Aur Thoda’ (a little more)

Indian mother’s love by Aur Thoda, India

No one loves you more than your mother and especially when it comes to Indian mothers, they adore their children so much that they will be hungry but can’t let their child be half-eaten. Food is a way to show your love to someone in India.

If you have been far from your home, after coming back they will show their special treatment towards you and at the dinner table even if you are full they will insist you take more. This is their way of showing affection towards their loving child. Only Indian mothers can do it.

6. Indian man can urinate anywhere

Indian man can urinate anywhere

This is a bit shameful and as per the new government rules, this has been banned in many places. It is very common in India that many men do their urination on the roadside, whether the road could be a Highway or a Gali (narrow street).

Over the years it is a habitual thing for many due to the lack of public Toilets instead they use road-sides. Due to the population, it has been a problem in India but still, this habit has to be changed over time.

7. Make any day a Special Day

Make any day a Special Day, India, 10 Things That Only Indians Can Do

India is famous for its large number of festivals. Here there are countless festivals people celebrate and it differs from village to village, state to state hence diversity is our uniqueness.

We can make any day a special day and a Holiday. Due to the diversity in culture, there are lots of rituals that people celebrate. The goal of the celebration is to unite people together.

8. Involve or Interference Aimlessly

Involve or Interference Aimlessly, India

We Indians are very friendly or you can say sometimes become over-friendly unknowingly or unintentionally. Here if you are sad or you are fighting with your family member, your neighbor gonna ask you what happened. And once you tell them they get involved and try to solve your problem which could cause interference.

Here people try to help by giving ‘Free Advice’ that can cause a mess with your thoughts especially when you are disturbed.

9. Way of dealing with Traffic

Way of dealing with Traffic, India

If you talk about rule-breaking, most of us break Traffic Signals. We don’t follow the signals properly and often cross the road without seeing the signal light. There is hardly any concept of Zebra crossing in India.

We really in this way deal with so many congested roads with ease that is not bread and butter for outsiders. You often can see that there are some Indian uncles who are very expert to cross the high roads very comfortably. Often other people just follow them to cross the road.

10. Most Weird Names

Most Weird Names, India, Only Indian Can Do

Every Indian name has a very deep inner meaning, instead of having such wonderful names people often call each other by very different, funny, and weird names.

In our childhood, parents give us some kind of short names, and over the years when we grow up people start calling these names in all situations except our educational and legal areas. Here we generate the concept of ‘Good name’ and the ‘Nickname or Pet name’.

There are countless things that only Indians can do. We have mentioned 10 things that only Indians can do. Hope you all like it.

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