10 Things You Do That Cause Damage To Your Skin

10 Things You Do That Cause Damage To Your Skin, Skin Care, Top 10, Causes and Prevention, Skin Damages, Skin Protection
Things You Do That Cause Damage To Your Skin

One of the largest and one of the most important organs for human beings is the SKIN. It is known to protect heat from escaping out, protect us from the viruses/bacteria and other micro-organisms to enter our bloodstream, and also a natural body temperature regulator. Without skin, we would be frozen or boiled to death due to the natural weather outside. It protects us from dust pollutants, keeps one away from the diseases, and many other things which we fail to give credit for.

Clear and healthy skin is a must required for a human being which increases the glow of a person. However, there are some things that we apply on our skin that makes the organ go into severe or irreplaceable damage, and here are 10 such things that do harm your skin and you need to avoid doing this as soon as possible.

10. Eating Too Much of Sugar

Eating Too Much of Sugar, Damages Skin, Top 10, Causes and Prevention
Eating More Sugar – Damages Skin

We all know how sugar is bad to one’s health and people who are keeping fitness trackers are against the use of sugar. However, do you know that the sugars that you consume in many products are also harmful to the skin?

With the plate of Jam which you are consuming you are directly consuming, large portions of processed sugar and this makes collagen stiffen which will make your skin look old and would be prone to wrinkles. Collagen helps the skin look youthful and when it stiffens it will cause damage and you are prone to look older than you actually are.

9. Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure, Damages Skin, Top 10, Causes and Preventions
Sun Exposure – Damages Skin

Everybody knows that the sun’s rays emit Ultraviolet light which is harmful to skin, now, everybody wants a little bit of sunrays which helps them tan but a mid-day sun causes more harm than you want.

They cause the skin to get sunburnt, scaling off the scalps of the skin, the rays of the sun will make the enzymes in your skin damage, etc. In case you want to sit for sunbathing, do not forget to apply sunscreen and sunbathe.

8. Not Resting Properly

Not Resting Properly, Top 10, Causes and Prevention, Damages Skin
No Rest – Damages Skin

Sleep is one of the major contributors to many body functions and not resting properly will harm your skin where you would get baggy eyes, dark skin, aged and dull-looking skin.

After sleepless nights, you will feel tired and exhausted which takes an effect on your skin. In fact, it drains out the livingness of your skin which is harmful. Hence, a good amount of proper rest is required to make sure your skin replenishes back.

7. Junk Food

Junk Food, Damages Skin, Top 10, Causes and Prevention
Junk Food – Damages Skin

Not only it is harmful to one’s body, it is harmful to the skin too. These delicious, quick eats causes more harm to the skin when you consume them a lot than it is required. To say, junk food has a lot of oil, sugar, and other food chemicals which makes your skin oily, clogged pores, and breakouts.

These do more harm to your skin where it needs to breathe in good air but the oil blocks the pores which makes your skin looks dull.

6. Chemical Products

Chemical Products, Damages Skin, Top 10, Causes and Prevention
Chemical Products – Damages Skin

We all know that the beauty industry involves a lot of products and chemicals. Some are good and some are bad to the skin, and basically, the skin products which promote fairness usually have the chemicals which does more harm to our natural pigment called melanin which is one of the most important pigments for our skin.

So it is important to check the chemicals used in the creams/ lotions or any other skin products which you apply to make sure your skin does not go under long term damage.

5. Coffee / Caffeine

Coffee, Caffeine, Top 10 Damages Skin
Caffeine – Damages Skin

One of the world’s favorite go-to drink is coffee and a small amount of coffee per day is required, but drinking too much coffee makes your skin look dull and dry. It ages skin faster than required and you will be looking old and wrinkly. So, drink a small amount of coffee per day but not make it a habit to drink it multiple times.

4. Picking on Your Face

Picking on Your Face, Top 10, Damages Skin
Popping Pimples – Damages Skin

Who can resist popping zits and pimples? It might give you the temporary satisfaction but, it in turn harms your skin, even more, when you pop the pimple, it further pushes bacteria and viruses to enter easily and thus you will have more such breakouts. If you want to have clear skin, then drink plenty of water which helps to remove toxins.

3. Lack of Water

Lack of Water, Top 10, Damages Skin
Less Water in Body – Damages Skin

Water is an essential substance that our human body requires, be it for digestion, be it for quenching thirst, or be it for clearing out harmful toxins away from our body. It is already known to be a natural remedy to the skin however if you do not drink a lot of water then it will result in your skin looking dry, not moisturized, rough and many other ways that skin looks unhealthy.

A quick tip is that always be drinking water at regular intervals which not only keeps your skin healthy but overall your body will be fit and healthy.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol, Top 10, Damages Skin, 10 Things You Do That Cause Damage To Your Skin
Alcohol – Damages Skin

Alcohol is one of the major consumable items which harm your skin with every sip that you consume. Alcohol is a diuretic which means it increases the production of urine. And when you take a sip out of your favorite cocktail then think twice as it increases urine production which is harmful as it takes out more minerals and other items which are essential.

Secondly, it is an inflammatory substance that makes your skin droopy as the liver gets busy to get rid of toxins. Also, large amounts of alcohol will harm the Vitamins that are required by the human body.

1. Overuse of Face Wash / Exfoliating Creams

Overuse of Face Wash, Top 10, Damages Skin
Overuse of Face Wash – Damages Skin

Washing face is important, yes but washing and cleansing your face multiple times does more harm than good. If you are suffering from Blemishes and oily skin, you will be tempted to wash the skin multiple times which makes your skin dry, which in turn makes your skin produce more oil.

Scrubbing your face with an exfoliating agent after cleansing will make your skin tear up. A gentle exfoliating cream before cleansing is good or just exfoliating the skin is good, using both increases pressure to the skin and ends up harming it. So cut back on face wash and wash it when you feel like you have had a long day and you need to get rid of toxins and pollutants which you were exposed to.

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