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Doctors Suggest 10 Things You Should Never Do If You Want to Live Longer

Are you worried more about your age passing by and entering older age? Do you have the fear of death? Do you want to live healthily throughout your life? It all depends on the healthy habits you follow in your daily life.

Doctors suggest these 10 things you should never do in your life if you want to stay healthy and live longer.

1. Staying out of the sun and staying for a long time are both bad

Staying out of the sun, Doctors Suggest 10 Things You Should Never Do, Health, Top 10
Sun Rays

There is a lot of confusion with this suggestion among most of people but it’s very simple, when you are more exposed to the sun you may get skin cancer to avoid it you must use sun creams and if you do not expose to the sun still there are some problems.

Because Vitamin D comes from the sun that can be observed through our skin helps in strengthening our bones and also solve many other diseases, what’s the exact solution for this?

Go out for a morning walk at the best time so that the sun will not be too hot like in the afternoons and you can even spend evening time on beaches if not possible at least stand on your balcony or terrace for a few minutes to observe the essentials from Sun.

If these are not your option then get ready to get Vitamin D deficiency and start putting tablets? Hope you will not choose the last option.

2. Thinking more about you are getting old and dying soon

Thinking more about you are getting old and die soon, Top 10, Health Tips, Human Body, 10 Things You Should Never Do
Getting old

we generally see this issue with old people saying that they will not live for long and soon they will die. Is this should be avoided?

Yes, according to many researchers, positive thinking keeps our life longer, and more often thinking negatively kills us by getting diseases soon. What’s the solution?

Be happy and spread happiness around you, involve in small activities of your home and help your family member so that your boredom will be reduced, changing the place or if possible traveling to different places is the best option which keeps you rejoicing and create interest to stay long in your life.

3. Not being active in social life

Not being active in social life, Top 10 Think You SHould Not Do, Health Tips For Longer Life
Social Life

Some people want to live lonely it’s fine up to certain age, but as you grow older it may turn to depression by avoiding family and friends that may cause early death and it feels like nobody cares for you why do you want to live? So, here’s the solution!

Meet your old friends, attend all the invitations like marriage, and birthday parties, and connect with people even after the event. Suppose nobody is there to invite you, you only invite the people who you know to your family celebrations at home in that way you will be active in your social life and live longer.

4. Sleeping less than 6 hours every night

Sleeping less than 6 hours every night, Health Tips, Not to Do List
Sleep Time

Experts suggest a man needs at least 6 hrs of sleep a day, or else you will be at risk for unwanted health issues, some people even say they try to sleep but they can’t sleep properly, what’s the issue and how to overcome it?

One must sleep at proper timing, late night sleeping can disturb your sleep, or tension and stress may be one of the reasons. Avoid being lazy and do some work like cleaning the house, bringing groceries from the shop, going for the walk, etc. that helps you to get sleep.

5. Sitting more hours in a single place

Sitting more hours in a single place, Sitting For Long Period, Health Tips, Top 10 Things You Should Never Do
Sitting More Hours

If you are sitting hours and hours for playing mobile games or watching TV for a long time, then you need to know this, when you sit for more than 2 hours in a place it causes you serious health problems like increasing your weight, getting heart diseases or affects your muscular system.

But the fact is most IT sector employees work for at least 8 hours a day sitting in one place, they must bring some change to their work culture. So what you can do?

Try to get a break of at least 5-10 min in an hour to walk around that makes you feel better to your organs. If your boss is strict in the office not letting you roam at least do some small exercises with your hands, legs, and head even while you are sitting which can help you to a certain extent and keeps you alive longer.

6. Eating more calories than you burn

Eating more calories than you burn, 10 Things You Should Never Do If You Want to Live Longer, Death Secret
Eating More Calories

Eating more can cause health problems like heart attack, type of diabetes, or any other diseases. You may be thinking that you’ll eat more and burn the calories then nothing will happen, you are totally wrong even though you do exercise and burn calories still has the possibility of early death. What you should do?

If you are a person who likes to eat more every time, to solve this problem the doctors say it’s good to drink more water before you eat so that your stomach will be filled and you are less likely to feel hungry soon, avoid junk foods. This way you can reduce the calories and live longer.

7. Eating too many sugar items

Eating too much sugar items, Sugar is Good or Bad, 10 Things You Should Never Do, Doctors Advice
More Sugar Items

Taking more sugar will kill you soon why because you will get diseases like type 2 diabetes, skin aging, and heart disease, and not good for the brain.

According to the research maximum, a human can take up to 6-8 t-spoons of sugar but some items such as Coca-Cola exceeds the amount of sugar one must take in a day. What should you do?

Avoid food that contains more sugar, and limit yourself the quantity you take, eat more slow-digesting protein, and fiber when you eat more sugar food that way it will stabilize your blood and keep you in balance.

8. Drinking less than 2 liters of water daily

Drinking less than 2 liters of water daily, Drinking Water Heath Benefits, Dehydration
Drinking Water

You may not notice how much water you drink every day, but the experts say at least you have to take 2 liters of water every day apart from tea, coffee, juice, etc. If you don’t take you will be affected by dehydration with diseases like weakening your muscles, and heart, breathing problems, etc. What you can do?

You do not drink whole 2 liters at a time, instead, you can drink in between your work. Along with that, you can have fruits and vegetables which contain water like cucumber, apple, tomato, watermelon, etc. This way you can keep your body hydrated and can live longer.

9. Having the habits of smoking and drinking

Having the habits of smoking and drinking, 10 Things You Should Never Do, Health Tips
Bad Habits

Smoking does not only damage your lungs it damages your heart as well, today on cigarette packs, Big film screens everywhere awareness is created but still, people use it. At once you may not able to stop but at least you can slowly decrease the use and use the alternative habits.

If you are a person who consumes alcohol taking very less is fine but becoming a drunker will ruins your health, especially women have to be more careful. Take the suggestion from your doctor on how much you should take, if possible I would recommend stopping the habit to live a healthy life.

10. Making angry for silly reasons and stressing yourself

Making angry for silly reasons and stressing yourself, 10 Things You Should Never Do, Control Angry
Angry Control

Commonly you can see people who are getting old will show anger which will be silly for the younger generation because they lose patience and the experience they will have they wanted to direct the same to others if they don’t listen they will get angry.

Not only old people even younger people also get angry these days soon. Let us see what’s the reason and how can we overcome it.

The reasons may vary from person to person but most commonly the stress may come from restless work, not enough sleep, etc. This may collapse your body’s immune system, increase diseases, and die sooner, to avoid following the best health practices to live longer.

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