Is Kuandinsky Bridge in Russia is the Dangerous Bridges in the World?

If you are a fan of daredevil activities then you should visit the Kuandinsky Bridge in Russia. The Trans-Baikal Bridge was once supposed to be a Baikal–Amur Mainline railway but now the locals use this cross the river from the bridge.

The bridge is constructed on the Vitim river located on the border of the Zabaikalsky region and the Republic of Buryatia is one of the most dangerous bridges to cross.

The construction of the bridge was not completed since it began over 3 decades ago and now the locals use this bridge to cross the river. However, it comes with its share of risk as this lies in cold regions of Russia, and the bridge is constructed on wood, the pathways turn slippery due to snow and adding to that is the strong winds that blow here.

The bridge is about 0.5km long, 20m high and the pathway is around 6ft wide which a car can pass easily, however, the crossing is a task in itself as due to the fact that the bridge is now dilapidated due to the weather condition over here. Also, there are no railings or safety measures that are constructed that makes one small calculated risk a major risk where you will fall straight into the frozen water body below. Despite the risk, it is said that there are not many casualties reported here.

According to dangerous roads, websites, this is one of the dangerous roads and is a part of Baikal–Amur Mainline (BAM) Road which is one of the toughest roads to cover in Siberia. Crossing the bridge is a strenuous task as sometimes you need to repair the road by yourself and cross.

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Kuandinsky Bridge – Russia

Due to the strong winds, drivers will close the windows and drive so that their vehicles will not topple down to the river. Sometimes, the locals help the drivers to cross the bridge by guiding them and due to the fact that there are not many locals one should take an extreme risk to drive here.

Right beside this bridge is another bridge that is being used as Railway Bridge.

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