Is Langkawi Sky Bridge is must visit place in Malaysia?

One of the bridges in South East Asia that brings out the chills with an amazing view, Langkawi Sky Bridge in Langkawi Archipelago, Kedah, Malaysia. It is a curved cable-stayed bridge which was completed in the year 2005, however, the bridge was closed for maintenance in the year 2012, and finally, it reopened after maintenance in the year 2015 and is now fully accessible.

Langkawi Sky Bridge is located 660m above sea level and is at the peak of Gunung Mat Cincang or Mount Mat Cincang and the views from here are photographic. It is a 410ft long curved structure that gives 180-degree views of Langkawi and one should must-visit this place when they visit Malaysia.

This is Langkawi’s second highest peak which also has Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls and rainforest for visitors to explore. The bridge is easy to access where you need to board a cable car from Oriental Village which is located around the northwest of Langkawi. Once you board the cable car you will need to disembark at the Sky Bridge which is the last stop and then continue on your way to the famed sky bridge. Those with fear of heights can be afraid however, it is a safe bridge that has double steel railings and is 1.8m wide having 2 triangular platforms where you can stop and take photos.

Exploring further, you might notice an observatory deck which is the highest point of the mountain and on a clear day, you can witness the Islands of Thailand. It is a one-of-a-kind experience which a tourist should do as it has a lot of good views of the city and ocean and is also an adrenaline-filled walk.

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Langkawi Sky Bridge

During December 2015, another attraction was added to the bridge called SkyGlide which was built on top of the station linking the stations and skybridge. It takes down the sky bridge in 2 minutes giving one of a kind ride to its visitors. The SkyGlide can accommodate 12 people with a maximum overload of 1050KGs. This ride is optional which the tourists can use and the ticket price of this ride can be purchased at the ticket counter.

The Bridge is open from 10:00 – 20:00hrs every day and it costs 3.5US$ for adults and 2.5US$ for children for SkyBridge and SkyGlide access, however, if users need to only explore Sky Bridge then they need to pay 1.1US$ for adults and 0.6US$ for children.

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