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Top 10 Best Airline Service in the World

The best Airline Services in the world are determined by several factors like pricing, amenities, comfortable journey, and so on. There are approximately five thousand airline services in the world that connect the corners of several nations. This facilitates the passengers to have vivid choices and select the best airline service as per their convenience., an airline safety and product review forum located in Perth, Australia, hosts the much-anticipated annual Airline Excellence Awards. This award is one of the most prestigious awards for Airlines Companies.

Seven editors at the firm weigh in on a couple of variables to determine who wins, including safety management, customer ratings, profitability, expenditure ranking, vessel age, and product offerings including luxury travel on long-haul flights.

We have used Skytrax Rating to rank the best Airways. Skytrax is a Renowned Organization of Rating Airlines in terms of Service, Capability, Price Range. So, this Skytrax Rating will help you more to understand the ranking of these Airlines.


1. Air New Zealand

New Zealand Limited is the country’s national airline. The airline, which is established in Auckland, flies to 20 domestic and 32 destinations in 20 countries, mainly in and around the Pacific Rim. The current list of the world’s best airlines is out, and Air New Zealand has reclaimed the top spot from Singapore Airlines recently.

Air New Zealand’s top ranking is unsurprising given that, except last year’s loss to Singapore Airlines, the airline has held the top spot for six of the previous seven years. Air New Zealand was rated 5 Star by Skytrax.

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the country’s flagship brand, with its major center at Singapore Changi Airport. The Singapore Girl is a well-known symbol for the airline in its brand identity. It’s been deemed the greatest airline in the world four times by Skytrax and has dominated Travel & Leisure’s best airline rankings for more than two decades.

Singapore Airlines, on the other hand, didn’t fall too far behind, claiming the number two spot thanks to its incredible new first-class accommodations and market catering and liquor schemes.

The Singapore Airlines was rated 5 Star by Skytrax.

3. All Nippon Airways

By both sales and passenger numbers, Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. is Japan’s largest airline. Shiodome City Center, in the Shiodome district of Tokyo’s Minato Ward, is where the company’s headquarters are located.

It employs over 20,000 people and provides services both nationally and overseas. It has got a 5-star rating from Skytrax.

4. Qantas

Australia’s national airline and the largest airline in terms of freight, international routes, and international destinations is Qantas Airways Limited. It was established in November 1920, rendering it the world’s third-oldest airline still in service.

The best Airlines are originated in Australia. Qantas Airlines is one of those. Qantas provides a much cheaper service than any other airline. It has got a 4-Star Rating from Skytrax.

5. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., or simply Cathay Pacific, is Hong Kong’s flag bearer, with its headquarters and main hub at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline’s services and branches provide regular passenger flights to more than 60 countries around the world, as well as legacy carriers and joint ventures.

However there are some controversies going on with this Airway, due to the Hong Kong-China conflict. Cathay Pacific was rated 5 Star by Skytrax.

6. Emirates

Emirates is a worldwide service. It is the largest carrier Arab Emirates, as well as the country’s flag liner. The airline is based in Garhoud, Dubai, and is part of The Emirates Group, which is operated by the Dubai government’s Investment Corporation of Dubai.

It is popularly known as the Fly Emirates. Its advertising has made Indians use them for International Expeditions. Emirates does provide great flight entertainment which makes it much different from other airlines. Emirates was rated 4 Star by Skytrax.

7. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline based in Crawley, England, and is a business unit of Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited and Virgin Atlantic International Limited. The best thing about Virgin Atlantic is that it provides the quickest return policy to its customers.

Virgin Atlantic has great Customer support to help its customers in difficult situations. The Economic class of Virgin Airways is much better compared to other Airways. Virgin Atlantic got a 4 Star Rating by Skytrax.

8. EVA Air

EVA Airways Corporation, shorthand for Evergreen Airways, is a Taiwanese international airline centered at Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, Taiwan, that spans over 40 international routes in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America with passenger and committed cargo transportation.

They do provide a Premium Economic Class, which makes it unique from other airways. Eva Air got a 5-star rating from Skytrax.

9. Qatar Airways

The Qatar Airways Business, which functions as Qatar Airways, is centered in Doha’s Qatar Airways Tower. With a collection of more than 200 aircraft, the airline operates a connector network that includes over 150 international destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Qatar Airways made its huge fame across India with its strategic Advertising. Their form of Advertising made every Indian feel the Comfort of traveling by Air. The staff service by Qatar Airways was rated 5 Stars by Skytrax

10. Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia Airlines, a subsidiary of Virgin Australia, is the largest airline under the Virgin brand in terms of fleet size. It began operations with two aircraft flying a routing protocol. There were a few Controversies that were going on about Virgin Airways but it has made its Brand Name valuable.

Following the demise of Ansett Australia, it established itself as a major airline in Australia’s domestic market. Virgin Australia was rated 4 Star by Skytrax.


Above are the Top 10 Best Airlines in the World. There are several criteria to rate and select the best airline services in the world. These ratings are both done by the passengers as well as the Board of authorities which is and all the reviews and information obtained from them regarding the airlines are available online. There are a lot of differences between domestic and international flights and even the crew is selected respectively.

If you are a new traveler and want tips about your first journey, this article would surely help you. Always remember to place your requirement in the first place and then select your flight ticket.

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