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Top 10 Coldest Capital Cities in the World

We like Cold sometimes and Hot sometimes but think there are places on earth people live most of the time in Cold. The Cold is not normal, it will be at an extreme level one can die if not getting heat.

Today we have researched and brought you the Top 10 coldest capital cities in the world, which you can visit once in your lifetime to experience the freezing chill.

10. Warsaw, Poland (-29°C)

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland, and interestingly green portion of the city occupies almost 28%. The city was destroyed multiple times in history because of wars, yet it remained a tourist spot attracting people from all around the world.

People mainly visit here to see the Palace of Culture and Science, art museums which have a huge collection on earth and to enjoy the climatic condition. You can witness tall buildings, palaces, skyscrapers, Gothic churches, and many amazing architectures from historical structures to modern structures.

9. Nuuk, Greenland (-29.5°C)

Nuuk is a small city but the capital of Greenland, it is located in a beautiful place on the eastern shore of the Labrador Sea. It is famous for waterfalls, humpback whales, and icebergs.

The specialty of Nuuk is the entire city is mainly dependent on renewable energy. However the Greenland population is very less and most of them settle in urban areas, it is the most indigenous city in the world.

8. Tallinn, Estonia (-30°C)

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia that contains the most population in the country, it was historically called the German name “Reval”. Mainly you need to know it is the birthplace of international technology companies like  Skype and Transferwise.

Here you can find humid climatic conditions with warm, mild summers and cold, snowy winters. Snowfall is common in winter and also it is close to the Baltic Sea. In late November and December Christmas market attracts people with giant trees and other selling products. It preserves its old walled city, which is home to cafes and shops, as well as Kiek in de Kök, a defensive tower from the 15th century.

7. Vilnius, Lithuania (-30°C)

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and is known for baroque architecture, in fact, it was large Jewish center in Europe before the Second World War. Here Winters can be very cold, with temperatures rarely exceeding above freezing, temperatures below -25°C.

The lakes of the city also freeze most in the winters and hence ice-fishing is in practice for livelihood. Most Europeans visit here to see the unique paintings, art, and culture on their vacations. They give importance to fashion, music, movies, etc.

6. Bucharest, Romania (-32°C)

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania not only it is the main place where commercial activities take place. The city’s attraction is bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes where people like to drink and dance, if you are a DJ lover then you must visit here at least once to experience it.

As Bucharest also covers with snow and a cloudy sky, the city looks beautiful. A must-see the biggest parliament in the world lies in this city that contains 1,100 rooms.

5. Helsinki, Finland (-33°C)

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, it is the center for education, politics, culture, trade, and research. The city is known for one of the world’s highest urban standards of living. WHO tells Finland belongs to one of the clean Air counties in the world, and the local people are in an advantageous position to keep their health well.

If you are planning to visit then you need to know which is the best month to visit or else you will be frozen. Late June to mid-August is the best time because this is the period warm weather can be seen compared to other months.

4. Ottawa, Canada (-37°C)

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, it was initially incorporated as Bytown and in later years its boundary was expanded by many annexations and finally replaced with a new city named Ottawa which refers to the Ottawa River.

It is not completely cold nor hot weather, it differs season-wise and yes snow and ice dominate in the winter season. Ottawa welcomes tourists with plenty of outdoor activities like cycling, boat tours, hiking, etc. Most of the tourists are present here to experience the Christmas day celebrations that take place.

3. Minsk, Belarus (-40°C)

Minsk is the capital of Belarus, it is located in the southeastern slope of the Minsk Hills and northeast to the Lukomskaye Lake. Here you can find almost 40% of the land is covered by forest, so we can call it a rich country in terms of natural wealth.

Tourist mainly prefers the place for cleanliness, greenery, and safety purpose. Here the weather is not stable and the moist wind blows from the Atlantic, other side dry air of the Eurasian landmass makes the climate unstable. If all pollution is happening in the city is the reason mainly for Cars.

2. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (-49°C)

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia, it has become one of the major manufacturing centers. Till the ’90s there was not much problem here, but due to the population doubled in the city in the past few decades there arises environmental, social, and transportation problems.

Here you can find Sunrise almost 260 days in a year, don’t visit with the expectation of a warm climate like other countries. Winters will be freezing cold and sometimes it drops the temperature to -49°C. For Old age people, it is difficult to stay here and the best time to visit this place is between June and August.

1. Astana, Kazakhstan (-52°C)

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan, recently the city’s name was changed in 2019 to Nur-Sultan to honor departing Kazakh president, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The entire city is well-planned and started progressing after it became the country’s capital city.

It is the coldest capital city in the world till now recorded, in 1983 the temperature dropped below -52°C, and the best time to visit this place is in July because you can see little rise in temperature around 20.8°C.

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