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Top 10 e-commerce sites in the Australia | Traffic Wise

With e-commerce being a hit during the pandemic and is spread across the whole world. We here list some of the top e-commerce websites from the land down under. With a 2.8 crore population, Australia is one of the top places where e-commerce is thriving.

As of February 2019, it is noted that 80.8% of Australians shopped online and the numbers have increased this current year. Although online users are not as top as the US, the e-commerce market in Australia is fierce, and here are some of the top 10 e-commerce sites in Australia.

10. Chemist Warehouse – 9.1 million visitors/month

Chemist Warehouse, e-commerce, Australia, Top 10
Chemist Warehouse e-commerce Australia

First opened in the year 1973, Chemist warehouse is the website that delivers a wide range of goods that one can find at a chemist but at a better price point. It became a significant brand in Australia that has its presence all over the continent. The website offers many discounted goods which include medicine, vitamins, cosmetics, health, and other pharmaceutical products. The website has an average of 9.1 million visitors per month.

9. Coles – 10.12 million visitors/month

Coles, e-commerce, Australia, Top10
Coles e-commerce Australia

Along with Woolworth’s, Coles is an Australian grocery chain which is a duopoly business that opened in the year 1914 and has expanded to over 800 stores across the country. However, in the year Coles started their online website and by 2003 it became one of the largest supermarkets. Today their online site offers groceries including fresh produce, bakery, dairy, liquor, glassware, utensils, etc. It is estimated that Coles receives around 10.12 million of traffic every month.

8. Kogan – 10.33 million visitors/month

Kogan, e-commerce, Australia, Top10
Kogan e-commerce Australia

Kogan launched in the year 2006 is an Australian pure-play e-commerce site that sells consumers a whole range of electronic products. At first, Kogan began selling television sets which then expanded to the whole other range of electronic products, and in 2016, the company acquired retailer Dick Smith which helped to further strengthen the sales.

Along with consumer electronics, Kogan now offers a wide range of categories such as furniture, office supplies, garden, and home equipment, etc. They have an average of 10.33 million monthly visitors.

7. Big W – 11.9 million visitors/month

Big W, e-commerce, Australia, Top10
Big W – e-commerce Australia

Big W is a part of Australian retailer Woolworth’s group which started in the year 1950s and now it currently has around 180 stores across Australia.  They started an online store in the year 2010 which is now one of the leading stores for a range of products offered here such as garments for Men, Women and Kids, toys, electronics, etc. They have an average of 11.9 million visitors per month.

6. KMart Australia – 16.90 million visitors/month

KMart, e-commerce, Top10 Australia
KMart – e-commerce Australia

Kmart is an Australian born retailer which is specialized in selling low-price consumer items such as electronics, men, kids, women products, baby products, gifts, parties, etc. K Mart online is known for their Fashion related items and it first opened its doors in the year 1967 and has its presence in the country of Australia and New Zealand with operating 200 stores. Their online platform receives around 16.90 million visitors per month.

5. JB Hi-Fi – 17.18 million visitors/month

JB Hi-Fi, Top10, e-commerce Australia
JB Hi-Fi – e-commerce Australia

First began as brick and mortar retail suppliers who started selling consumer electronics and consumer goods, JB Hi-Fi was founded in the year 1974 and in the year 2004 they launched an e-commerce site in the year 2000 and is now country’s leading online provider of electronic goods. JB Hi-Fi has also expanded to New Zealand where their range of categories includes tablets, TV, headphones, speakers mobile phones, etc. They have an estimated number of 17.18 million visitors per month.

4. Woolworths – 20.4 million visitors/month

Woolworths, Top10, e-commerce Australia
Woolworths – e-commerce Australia

One of the largest retail company stores which has subsidiary such as Big W, Woolworths Group is one of the largest companies in the land down under, and through its website, Woolworths sells groceries across Australia and various other products. Their website has estimated monthly traffic of 20.4 million visitors.

3. Amazon Australia – 28.80 million visitors/month

Amazon, Top10, e-commerce Australia
Amazon – e-commerce Australia

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the US which started in the year 1994. However, they started their business in Australia in the year 2017 which is just a 3 year old as of 2020. Until 2017, Amazon used to ship products to Australia. Today, Amazon offers Australians a wide range of goods such as electronics, fashion, fitness, and digital media and sees average monthly traffic of 28.80 million visits.

2. Gumtree Australia – 33.57 million visitors/month

Gumtree, Top10, e-commerce, Australia
Gumtree e-commerce Australia

Started in the UK, Gumtree made its way to the land down under in the year 2007 and has established as one of the top-marketplace and classifieds in the country. Gumtree Australia operates a wide range of categories such as apparel, fashion, cars, vehicles, jobs, real estate, etc, and has an average of 33.57 million visitors per month.

1. eBay Australia – 68.22 million visitors/month

eBay, Top10, e-commerce Australia
eBay e-commerce Australia

One of the first overseas e-commerce sites that made its way to the country of Australia, eBay Australia was launched in Australia in the year 1999 which is just 4 years after its launch in the US. eBay has been at the forefront of e-commerce in Australia ever since it arrived and it offers individuals and companies to sell their products directly on its platform. Both via auction and with immediate sales. They sell a wide variety of products such as fashion, apparel, home and garden equipment, etc. They have a monthly traffic count of 68.22 million.

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